OTTAWA, September 13, 2005 ( – Canadian Physicians for Life will hold this year’s Medical Students Forum in Montreal, from November 17-19, to coincide with the annual national pro-life conference to be held at Montreal’s St. Joseph’s Oratory.

“Pro-life medical students who are interested in deepening their understanding of the life issues and who want to acquire the knowledge, the skills, and the courage to defend the pro-life ethic in the medical profession are invited to apply for sponsorship to attend this event,” Canadian Physicians for Life Administrator Barbara McAdorey wrote in a release.

“We are encouraging students to take advantage of this opportunity to meet physicians and other medical students from across the country who value the right to life of all human beings, to learn from highly qualified professionals in medicine and ethics, to engage in lively and thought-provoking discussions, and of course to forge new relationships.”

One student recounted his experience after attending the 2004 Forum: “Today I can count 4 conversations I have had with different members of my class about some of the topics addressed at the conference. Using journal references and approaching the conversation from a medical perspective, as opposed to a moral or religious one, offered me a level of credibility and relevance to allow further discussion. This was a new experience for me as previous conversations always seemed to end in agreement to disagree based on religious or ideological differences. I had discovered previously that, amongst my colleagues, this sort of ‘referenced-based’ credibility is absolutely essential for initiation of pro-life discussion and I credit this conference with giving me some of the material I needed to engage in this method of conversation.”

Physicians for Life will sponsor conference costs for as many medical students as they can afford, including meals, accommodations, conference fees and some of the travel costs, although applications for sponsorship are due in the Ottawa office by September 19, 2005.

Contact Physicians for Life for more information:
  Barbara McAdorey, Administrator
  Canadian Physicians for Life
  PO Box 1289
  Ottawa, ON, K0A 2Z0
  Ph/fax: 613-728- LIFE (5433)
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