OTTAWA, August 20, 2003 ( – In his speech at the summer caucus meeting of the Liberal Party in North Bay yesterday, Prime Minister Jean Chretien defended his decision to grant legal recognition to homosexual ‘marriage’.  In his speech the Prime Minister belittled the many MPs in his own Party who oppose the legislation by telling them they were falling prey to “traps set by the Opposition” and called on them to “cool the rhetoric.”  Chretien said the decision to go forward with the homosexual ‘marriage’ legislation was made after several court decisions required the legislation saying it was demanded by the Charter of Rights. Ignoring deep divisions within his own Party on the issue, the Prime Minister painted opposition to this judicial activism as simply the agenda of the Opposition Party.  “The Canadian Alliance has attacked the courts for years. They attack so-called judicial activism. It is code for their profound opposition to the Charter of Rights. A Charter that was passed by Parliament and that Liberals and all Canadians respect and cherish. So let us not fall into their trap on this issue.”  Jim Hughes, National President of Campaign Life Coalition Canada, the political wing of the pro-life movement, commented on Chretien’s words saying, “He is proclaiming that being in the Liberal Party is synonymous with supporting homosexual marriage and supporting dictatorship by the courts. I find that repulsive since we know so many pro-family Liberal MPs who do not support these proposals.”  Issuing another slap in the face of numerous Canadian Catholic Bishops and priests who have criticized him, Chretien again mentioned his ‘Catholic’ faith during his appeal for homosexual ‘marriage’.  “Believe me, for someone of my generation, born and brought up in the Catholic rural Quebec of my youth, this is a very difficult issue. But I have learned over 40 years in public life, that society evolves and that the concept of human rights evolves often more quickly than some of us might have predicted and sometimes even in ways that make some people uncomfortable. But at the end of the day, we have to live up to our responsibilities. And none of these are more essential than protecting the Constitution and the fundamental rights it guarantees to all Canadians,” said Chretien.  Speaking of Chretien, Hughes told LifeSite, “The guy is wearing me out praying for him and I certainly don’t know why with all this opposition to it he can’t see the light.  I think its time the bishops publicly recognize the fact that he has separated himself from the church on the issue and is defacto excommunicated.”  See the full address by the Prime Minister at: