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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) — Alexandre “Sacha” Trudeau, brother of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, will testify regarding his involvement in the Trudeau Foundation and its connection with the Chinese Communist Party.  

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, Sacha Trudeau, the second son of Canada’s fifteenth prime minister, Pierre Trudeau, has been summoned to testify this Wednesday before the Commons Ethics Committee regarding his involvement with the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation.  

“I took my prerogative as chair to take him up on his offer to speak to a parliamentary committee,” said Conservative MP John Brassard (Barrie-Innisfil, Ont.). 

While Sacha is not currently on the board of directors, according to testimony from former CEO Pascale Fornier, he was a senior director when the Foundation altered documents regarding 2016 Chinese donations. Despite this, Sacha claims, the “Foundation has done nothing wrong.” 

Sacha has been photographed with Chinese donors accepting the $140,000 contribution on behalf of the Trudeau Foundation. The Trudeau Foundation calls itself “an independent and non-partisan charity established in 2001 as a living memorial to the former prime minister.” 

According to Fornier, the Foundation deliberately misrepresented the source of the donation, alleging it came from Canadians. She says it did so despite the Income Tax Act which requires all charities to account for the source of their donations. Failure to do so results in 125 percent penalties and loss of charitable status. 

“This was a declaration on behalf of the Foundation to say that it was not foreign money, that it was Canadian money – this was in the annual report as well – when in fact the tax receipt itself mentions China,” said Fornier. 

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While the original receipts reveal the donations were made by funders with Chinese addresses who were associated with the China Cultural Industry Association of Beijing, the Foundation issued receipts alleging the donations had come from Québec.  

“There were different addresses,” Fornier said. “The receipts were different. I wanted to understand what was going on.” 

“I immediately started to ask questions,” she continued. “Why is it we would have two receipts that are so different that one seems to be international with money that seems to come from China and another one with an address in Québec?” 

“On the receipts the information was different [from] what was posted in the annual reports and what was shared with the Canada Revenue Agency,” she added. 

Confused, Fornier sought legal advice to correct the information as the Trudeau Foundation is public; its main source of revenue was a $125 million taxpayers’ endowment awarded by Parliament in 2002. 

“I realized a Chinese Association was communicating with employees of the Foundation,” Fornier said. “They were giving clear direction on what needed to appear on receipts issued by the Foundation. I found that troubling.” 

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According to Conservative MP Garnett Genuis, Justin Trudeau also maintains his innocence in the matter and claimed he has, in Genuis’ words, “had no connection, no involvement with the foundation in the last 10 years despite the fact he is listed as a member of the foundation in their latest Annual Report.” 

Genuis revealed that as soon as Trudeau took office as prime minister in 2015, the “foundation that bears his name started receiving substantial amounts of new money in foreign donations.” 

The Trudeau Foundation has undergone increased scrutiny regarding its connection with China, and the examination will continue. MPs from the House of Commons Public Accounts committee voted unanimously last week to start an investigation into how the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation is funded.  

This decision comes after a report surfaced detailing how the non-profit group received a $200,000 donation alleged to be connected to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Following the release of this report, the entire board of directors, including the president and CEO, of the Trudeau Foundation resigned.  

The donation revelation came amidst an ever-growing number of reports alleging that the CCP has been meddling in Canada’s last two federal elections, both of which saw Trudeau emerge victorious.   

Late last month, one of Trudeau’s own MPs, Han Dong, resigned from the Liberal Party just hours after a news report broke alleging that he had asked a Chinese diplomat in February 2021 to delay the release of two Canadians held captive by the Communist Chinese regime.