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Canadians joining the Freedom Convoy truckers in singing 'O Canada' in Ottawa, January 29, 2022.The Post Millennial / Twitter screenshot

OTTAWA, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — A top official with Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has said there is no evidence of any links to terrorist activity in the funding of the trucker Freedom Convoy.

Denis Beaudoin, who works as Director of Financial Crime for the RCMP, was asked during a House of Commons finance committee meeting on March 7 by Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) MP Philip Lawrence if he saw “any evidence of terrorist activity in the funding of these illegal protests and blockades.”

Beaudoin replied, “I have not.”

In his question to Beaudoin, Lawrence also noted that the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) had earlier told the committee they had no evidence of questionable Freedom Convoy funding linked to any sort of terrorist activity.

The government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had made claims that the Freedom Convoy protesters were funded by foreign entities with ties to terrorist-linked financing. This reasoning was used as justification for Trudeau to enact the Emergencies Act (EA) against the Freedom Convoy.

The Freedom Convoy for three weeks in late January/early February protested in the nation’s capital of Ottawa, demanding an end to all COVID mandates, before being forced out by police armed with extraordinary powers given to them by the EA.

In reality, the vast majority of donations made to both GoFundMe and then later to GiveSendGo came from Canadian donors.

Canadian mainstream media, backed with government funding, was caught spreading fake news stories about the Freedom Convoy.

Canada’s state-funded broadcaster CBC had to retract a story that falsely claimed most support for the Freedom Convoy came from foreigners.

The CBC had also earlier retracted a story run in January that falsely claimed Russia was somehow behind the Freedom Convoy.