OTTAWA, Aug 21 ( – The federal Conservative Party and the dissident group of Alliance rebels (DRC) formed a working coalition over the weekend but Alliance, Liberal and NDP parties are not going to allow the coalition extraordinary parliamentary privileges.  /news/2001/08/19/alliance_reax010819

Chuck Strahl, leader of the group of 12 Alliance rebels, has written his former colleagues within the Alliance to join his initiative to work with the Conservative Party.  fullstory_print.html&cf=tgam/realtime/config-neutral&articleDate=20010820&slug=  wxdayyott&date=20010820&archive=RTGAM&site=Front

Stephen Harper, former president of the National Citizen’s Coalition, who is widely speculated to be a contender for the Alliance leadership, has released an editorial slamming the Conservative and DRC coalition. “Clark emerges as de facto leader of the “historic coalition” of the PCs and DRC. We’re not quite sure how, though it’s probably because he’s the only one there actually leading a real political party. To achieve this role, Clark must endure none of the leadership reviews or leadership races the DRC demanded Stockwell Day face within the Canadian Alliance,” wrote Harper.  EditorialExclusive/StephenHarper.htm

Canadian Alliance Leader Stockwell Day hinted Monday he may step down as Leader before his mid-December deadline. In an interview, Day said it’s “very possible” he will be gone before December.

Sam Magnus, a member of Mr. Manning’s leadership strategy team, confirmed allegations that a conspiracy to oust Stockwell Day was spoken of prior to Day’s election as Leader.  /stories/20010818/653560.html

A Hill Times survey of MPs’ fall session agenda items found that the environment, health care and trade top the list. However homosexual and euthanasia activist MP Svend Robinson said the issues of “euthanasia, physician assisted suicide and dying with dignity” should be on the agenda.

Ontario Premier Mike Harris went golfing yesterday with former US President Bill Clinton. They played along with those who coughed up $25,000 each as a fundraiser for Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children.

Adrienne Clarkson, the Governor-General, has suspended her schedule of public events because her father has fallen gravely ill.