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By Gudrun Schultz

OTTAWA, Ontario, July 6, 2006 ( – Allegations of human organ harvesting against the Chinese government have been confirmed by a report from a former Liberal MP, CTV reported Tuesday.

David Kilgour, together with human rights lawyer David Matas, prepared a detailed report to be release today, after investigating accusations that China is killing prisoners by harvesting and selling their vital organs.

“They take both kidneys, then the heart and the skin and the corneas and the liver, and your body is then thrown in the incinerator,” he told the CTV.

“I don’t think anyone can have any doubt that this unbelievable practice is continuing.”
  Imprisoned dissidents of the outlawed Falun Gong religious movement are particularly targeted for organ harvesting, the movement has claimed. Thousands of missing prisoners are suspected of having been murdered for their body parts.

The black market organ trade is highly lucrative. “$62,000 for a kidney, $98,000 to $130,000 for a liver,” Kilgour said.

Chinese officials have denied accusations that prisoners are used as living transplant sources, but the Chinese government admitted in 2005 that organs for transplant were routinely harvested from executed prisoners.

The UN and Amnesty International have both begun investigations, but so far neither one has issued a statement on the investigation findings.

Kilgour’s report contains recommendations for government sanctions and diplomatic pressure to be brought against China. The report also urges the government to prevent Canadians from travelling to China for transplants, and says Chinese doctors should not be allowed to come to Canada to study transplant techniques, CanWest News Service reported.

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