OTTAWA, Mar 13 (LSN) – On Wednesday, MP Tony Ianno (Trinity Spadina, Lib.) introduced Bill C-368 into the House of Commons. The bill would amend the Criminal Code and the Department of Health Act to outlaw parent’s use of spanking in the discipline of their children. “It gives me great pleasure and is an honour to introduce this enactment which removes the justification in the Criminal Code available to school teachers,  parents and persons standing in the place of parents, of using force as a means of correction toward a pupil or child under their care”, Ianno said.  The bill, suggesting the repeal of section 43 of the Criminal Code, has yet to pass second and third readings in the House. Section 43 recognizes the authority of parents over their children, and their obligation to raise them responsibly. It respects the freedom of parents to discipline their children according to their own conscience as long as any use of “force” is “reasonable under the circumstances”.  Interestingly, In Sweden, where corporal punishment (spanking) was abolished in 1979,  the total number of assaults on children increased from 127 to 583 between 1984 and 1994. The number of assaults by minors against other minors, aged seven to 14 increased 6 fold.  You may contact MP Tony Ianno at:  477 West Block, House of Commons, Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6 Ottawa: Phone (613) 992-2352