TORONTO, Ontario, June 28, 2012 ( – A prominent Canadian evangelical minister is back on TV after having his show dropped in December 2010 after industry watchdogs targeted his show for what they said was discrimination against homosexuals.

“After being attacked by big government censors for speaking the truth and removed from TV, we are back,” said Dr. Charles McVety, former host of Word TV and new host of The Canadian Times, in a press release last week.

McVety’s show Word TV was forced off the air after the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council (CBSC) rebuked the preacher for claiming that the homosexual movement was driven by a “conspiratorial” agenda, suggesting homosexuals prey on children, and labeling the annual Pride events “sex parades”.


McVety believes that Crossroads Television System, which carried his program, was pressured by the CBSC to cancel his show for his preaching against what he called “the radical sex agenda of the elites,” according to the press release.

A CBSC panel ruled at the time that McVety was “utterly wrong” to claim that Ontario’s failed sex-ed curriculum, which was pulled in April 2010 after outcry from parents, was meant to “teach” homosexuality. The panel pointed out that the “proposed curricular revisions are intended to teach tolerance.”

The panel also objected to a statement made by McVety on his show that homosexual activists were seeking to indoctrinate children because, as he said, “unfortunately they have an insatiable appetite for sex, especially with young people.”

McVety criticized the CBSC panel’s censorship as a “gross breach of democracy”.

“We should not have [the CBSC] tell me what my opinions can be and what my opinions can’t be,” McVety said at the time. A statement appearing on the website of the preacher’s show referred to the CBSC as “thought police” who had launched “a vicious attack against Word TV”.

The Canadian Times, McVety’s new show, made its debut earlier this month on Vision TV. It airs every Sunday evening at 11 PM. The show sports the same look and flavor of the old show, just with a different name. McVety is as outspoken as ever.

“Freedom is making a comeback in Canada,” he said in the press release.

“There really is sort of a wave that says ‘enough is enough,’” he said to OneNewsNow. “Free speech is a vital component of democracy, because if the government has unchecked power and you’re not even allowed to voice opposition, then you lose your freedom.”

McVety said that despite the Canadian Government recently having removed the controversial Section 13 ‘hate crimes’ provision of the Canadian human rights code (Section 13), what he called an “Orwellian clause” that “threaten[ed]” preachers, there is still much to be done to “fight this fight of being free to preach the gospel”.

“And even if it’s politically incorrect, we still must have the freedom to speak truth and to speak righteousness to a nation,” he said.