OTTAWA, October 19, 2004 ( – A bill has been introduced into Canada’s Parliament that would address the current crisis in Parliament and the courts over the definition of marriage. Bill C-213 calls for the Liberal government to live up to its unanimous promise in 1999 to defend the institution of marriage as it is currently defined in Canadian law.

David Chatters, CPC Member for Battle River, said on Friday that C-213, “is an essential step in upholding the promise to protect marriage that Parliament made in 1999, and that the Liberals campaigned on in the 2000 election.”  Chatters went on to accuse the Liberal government of deliberate negligence in refusing to appeal the Ontario Court of Appeals decision that demanded Parliament redraft the definition of marriage to include homosexual partnerships. He said, “It was the deliberate inaction on the part of the Liberals that allowed us to arrive at the chaotic situation in which we now find ourselves, with traditional marriage being the law of the land in most provinces but not all provinces.”“Had the Liberal government appealed the Ontario decision to the Supreme Court there is every reason to believe, based on past decisions, that the Supreme Court would have found this definition constitutional.” Chatters continued.  At the same time, Garry Breitkreuz, CPC Member for Yorkton-Melville, has introduced a Private Members Motion, M-70 that would grant pregnant women the right to full disclosure from their doctors of the dangers of abortion. The Motion asks the House to introduce legislation that would provide “penalties for physicians who perform an abortion without the informed consent of the mother or perform an abortion that is not medically necessary.”  Breitkreuz spearheaded an inquiry to Health Canada that showed it has no record of abortion being a medical necessity.