OTTAWA, May 15, 2003 ( – REAL Women of Canada has issued an 8 page document warning of serious social repercussions to the nation that would result from redefinition of marriage by activist judges or parliament in response to gay activist pressure.  The study, Project Justice, Changing Canada’s Flawed Political and Judicial Systems, is authored by Gwendolyn Landolt, National Vice-President of REAL Women of Canada.  Landolt writes “A conflict is shaping up in Canada between its two most powerful institutions, Parliament and the courts.  This battle will be the definitive struggle for ultimate control over public policy in Canada.  The issue about which the battle is to be fought is the legal definition of marriage.´ She then provides an analysis of the current status of the issue.  Public participation is seen as essential to stopping the current trend. Landolt states, “It is crucial that Canadians participate in this great battle over the definition of marriage, the foundation of society as this decision will profoundly affect the destiny of our nation.”

  The court system is seen as deeply flawed as she notes “This extraordinary situation has developed because there are absolutely no checks and balances on our courts, which rightly reason that they can do whatever they please, no matter how spurious their reasoning.”  See the entire report on LifeSite in Adobe Acrobat format at