Canadian Pro-Life Leaders Urge Prayers for American Election - Bush Victory

TORONTO, November 1, 2004 ( - Pro-Life leaders in Canada have called on Canadians to pray that pro-lifers are elected in the upcoming US elections.

Jim Hughes, President of Campaign Life Coalition told today that Canadians must “Pray for our American brothers and sisters that the results are what God would want and that those who would do the best job to defend his most innocent would be elected to office.”

Regarding the Presidential election Hughes said there was no contest.  “When you compare the two presidential candidates it’s a slam dunk,” he said. “There is only one who stands up for life and family - George W. Bush. That’s who conscientious life and family supporters should not only vote for but get everyone else to vote for.”  LifeCanada Vice President Joanne Byfield agreed.  Byfield told “I think on any life issues, marriage, gay rights, abortion, the UN - you name it - there is not much of a choice.  President Bush will be far more effective for those who support life in the US and Canada and the entire world. Byfield explained that the influence of the Presidential election internationally will be felt immediately at the UN “because of the pro-life US involvement at the UN and the influence they have been there over the past four years.”“If Kerry gets elected, we undoubtedly are in for a very rough four years,” Byfield concluded.  jhw

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