OTTAWA, Nov 8 ( – In a joint press release, Campaign Life Coalition and Alliance for Life Ontario reacted to the commencement of the marketing and distribution of the abortifacient drug Preven by Robert’s Pharmaceuticals. The groups announced “a boycott [of]  all products produced by Roberts Pharmaceuticals and pharmacies which dispense the drug.”

“This is nothing less than a do-it-yourself abortion kit,” said Jim Hughes National President of CLC. “The primary mechanism of action is to prevent implantation, so that the newly conceived child will die.” 

A list of Robert’s products follows.  Advantage 24, Agrylin, Alcojel, Allenbury Basic Soap, Amyl Nitrite, Ascorbic Acid, Bacitracin Zinc, Barriere, Barriere-HC, Betnesol Preparations, Betnovate Preparations, Cheracol,  Citrocarbonate, Colace, Dequadin Preparations, Duvoid, Eminase, Entacyl, Ephedrine HCL,  Estrace, Florinel, Glaxal Base, Grisovin FP, K-Lyte, K-Lyte/CL, Mucomyst, Mycil, Peri-Colace,  Prevavite, Pro-Banthine, Propaderm, Replens, Rimso-50, Slow-Mag, Stilbestrol, Trandate. 

A picket outside the Oakville, Ontario location of the Canadian branch has commenced. 

To express your concerns to Roberts call:  1-800-268-2772  

For a comprehensive report on Preven see LifeSite at: 

Early Abortion Drug Available Over the Counter

With files from the Toronto Star.