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Conservative MP Brad Trost holds his newborn baby as he speaks at the National March for Life in May 2015.Patrick Craine / LifeSiteNews

TORONTO, January 31, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — Canada’s leading national pro-life group is urging pro-life advocates in the ridings of MPs Cheryl Gallant and Brad Trost to buy Conservative Party memberships and vote for the two long-standing, stalwart pro-life politicians in their impending nomination contests.

The time urgency is greatest for Gallant, MP for Renfrew – Nipissing – Pembroke in Ontario, with a membership deadline of Thursday, February 1.

“These are two MPs who have shown time and again they are courageous defenders of life and family,” Campaign Life vice-president Jeff Gunnarson told LifeSiteNews. “Now it’s our turn to do what we can to support them.”

Campaign Life urges those wishing to buy a CPC membership to sign up at, or call the party at 1-866-808-8407.

The nomination contests determine who will run as Conservative Party candidate in the next federal election, and both Trost and Gallant face challengers intent on ousting them, Gunnarson said. “This could be bad news for pro-lifers, and they need to take action to defend Cheryl and Brad.”

The online CPC membership deadline is midnight Thursday, according to Gallant’s staff. Anyone who buys a Conservative Party membership after that won’t be eligible to vote in Gallant’s February 24 and 25 nomination race.

Gallant announced on Facebook the Conservative Party had launched a nomination race in her riding “as part of the democratic process.”

“You know from my record, I will always defend our way of life, even when outsiders do not understand,” she wrote. “Being passionate about you, us, and the values we hold dear is my commitment to you as I seek your help.”

Gallant, 57, is in her fifth term as MP for the rural riding west of the Ottawa river, formerly a Liberal stronghold.

A mother of four daughters with a B.Sc. in chemistry, Gallant won her first term in 2001 as an Alliance MP.  In 2003, that party merged with the Progressive Conservatives to form the present-day Conservative Party of Canada.

Campaign Life Coalition gives Gallant a green light rating, citing her perfect pro-life voting record, and numerous public statements defending life and family.

Campaign Life also give a green light to Trost, MP for the Saskatchewan riding of Saskatoon-University.

Trost, 43, has an impeccable pro-life voting record, and came in fourth in the Conservative Party leadership race that saw Regina MP Andrew Scheer elected leader.

The father of a toddler daughter and a former geophysicist, Trost was first elected as MP in 2004, and has an outspoken defender of the sanctity of life and the family during his subsequent four terms in Ottawa.

February 8 is the deadline to buy a CPC membership to vote in Trost’s March 10 nomination race.