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VICTORIA, British Columbia (LifeSiteNews) — The government of British Columbia has announced it will be removing all references to a person’s sex in their official regulations.  

According to the Vancouver Sun, the B.C. government has removed “almost 750 instances” of “outdated gendered language” from their provincial regulations thus far in 2022. The so-called “outdated” terms include “he,” “she,” “himself,” “herself,” and even “father,” “son,” and “aunt,” in “some instances.” 

“Using inclusive language wherever we can doesn’t just remove barriers to services, it also protects people’s rights,” said Grace Lore, the parliamentary secretary for gender equity. “It’s a way for government to make life a bit easier for the thousands of British Columbians who face unnecessary barriers due to outdated language and to help address gender bias.”

In addition to the removal of references to human biology, the term “substance abuse” was revised to “substance use,” as the province and its most populous city of Vancouver experience record-high drug overdose deaths.  

The move to erase so-called “gendered language” is an integral aspect of the LGBTQ agenda, and more specifically a signal of support to the “transgender” community.  

Adrienne Smith, litigation director for the Catherine White Holman Wellness Centre’s All-Genders Legal Clinic, confirmed as much to the Vancouver Sun when commenting on the new regulation changes.  

“These changes help two-spirit, trans and nonbinary people recognize themselves in the law,” Smith said. “My community has spent decades trying to get lawmakers to recognize us in words like ‘parent’ and ‘spouse’. To have government undertake this update to regulations shows that we matter and we have been heard.” 

Adoption of pro-LGBT and “trans inclusive” pronouns has become nearly ubiquitous in the West, even at the expense of the deeply-held religious beliefs of many, and the reality of biological sex.  

As reported by LifeSiteNews, the York Catholic District School Board in Ontario recently decided to transgress its own purported religious beliefs by requiring all their staff to include their “pronouns” in their official emails in solidarity with the anti-Catholic LGBT agenda.  

Fox News hired “transgender” Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner, and refer to the male former-Olympian as “her” and “she” in articles.