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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – Recently released figures show Canadian Public Health Agency inspectors who were empowered to issue fines cited an alarming 4,883 children for breaking government COVID quarantine rules.

As per Blacklock’s Reporter, Canada’s cabinet, in an Inquiry of Ministry brought before the House of Commons, said warnings to kids under age 18 were given in person by law enforcement officials “as a result of non-compliance identified either at the port of entry or during a police check at the traveler’s quarantine address.”

The information was requested by Conservative MP Marilyn Gladu and shows that some 58,760 minors, at one point or another mandated to stay home under Canada’s Quarantine Act, were issued warnings under the act.

The information did not say how old the children were but that the warnings were mostly made by Public Health Agency inspectors.

Gladu had asked, “With regard to minors being warned of imprisonment or fines if they broke the previous quarantine requirements for certain individuals returning to Canada, since April 2020 broken down by year: How many travelers under age 18 received such warnings?”

The report noted the warnings, which “may be verbal or written. are issued to the parent or guardian.”

“They contain information regarding possible enforcement actions,” the report added.

In total, Canada’s Public Health Agency gave out a whopping $14.9 million in quarantine fines.

The fine amounts ranged from $100 for a child breaching a quarantine order to $275 for those who gave false or misleading information. A $500 fine was handed to those for “failure to comply with a reasonable measure.”

Those who breached a quarantine order were fined $750, and those who entered the county illegally were fined $1,000.

Some Canadian provinces such as Alberta, Saskatchewan, Québec, and those in Atlantic Canada refused to enforce the Contraventions Act, meaning there were no fines given in those provinces. As a result, those who were fined lived only in British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario.

Canada’s Public Health Agency spent over $43 million hiring security guards who enforced COVID quarantine rules by making house calls on returning travelers.

Canada’s Quarantine Act was suspended October 1, and there are currently no COVID restrictions for entering or leaving the country. The rules had been in place since mid-2020. The much-hated ArriveCAN travel app was also made optional, and a mandate that foreigners must be jabbed to enter Canada was removed.

The Quarantine Act was used by the federal government to enact severe draconian COVID travel rules on all returning travelers to the country.

Trudeau’s use of the Quarantine Act gave his government the power to place upon Canadians “unprecedented travel and isolation” requirements.