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(LifeSiteNews) – After news broke this morning of the U.S Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, the reaction from Canadian politicians and media pundits was swift, with many praising the decision but others venting a wave of disturbing anger.

Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) Director of Political Operations Jack Fonseca told LifeSiteNews that the news coming out of the United States today “is wonderful.”

“Tens of thousands of babies in the womb will be saved from death in states which proceed to make the child murder of abortion illegal. God is good,” said Fonseca.

The Archdiocese of Edmonton, Alberta, both retweeted the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops statement praising the news of Roe v. Wade being overturned, and had this pro-life message to say for itself.

“Continue to pray for the legal protection of life from conception to natural death in America and Canada,” tweeted the Archdiocese.

Perhaps the most egregious reaction came from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who said today’s U.S Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade was “horrific,” and vowed to continue advocating for the killing of the unborn in Canada.

Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly, with Trudeau at her side while in Rwanda today, said that today’s news is “a reversal of hard-fought gains by generations of women. And this decision will put women’s lives at risk.”

Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) MP Dr. Leslyn Lewis welcomed the news and challenged Trudeau over his comments.

“@JustinTrudeau I choose to have an adult conversation. Sex selective and coercive abortions are wrong. Tell me why those views that the majority of Canadians agree on are unacceptable,” tweeted Lewis.

Others lambasted Trudeau for being two-faced.

Twitter user @DevorguillaScot wrote in reply to Trudeau.

“If you support a woman’s right to choose, then surely that must also include other medical procedures. No vaxx mandates. OK,” wrote twitter user @DevorguillaScot in reply to Trudeau.

Another user was blunt in his disapproval of Trudeau blasting today’s overturning of Roe v. Wade.

“You’re so pathetic!! Unborn Black babies are disproportionately murdered under Roe’s hegemonic conspiracy to depopulate the Black race in America,” wrote Twitter user @GodStrongBook.

“Apparently you’re part of the Western White Cabal that uses the health industry to control Black demographics.”

Well-known Canadian political commentator Viva Frei had this to say regarding Trudeau’s comments.

“You are such a hypocrite, it’s beyond words. Now talk about your vaccine ‘mandates’, and how you have imposed your will on millions of Canadian women @JustinTrudeau#TrudeauTheHypocrite #TrudeauTheTyrant,” tweeted Frei.

Pro-abortion CPC leadership candidate Jean Charest said he was “disturbed by #RoeVsWade being overturned.”

“While I recognize there are strongly held beliefs on this issue, reproductive rights in Canada are non-negotiable. I will remain focused on issues that unite Canadians, not divide us,” tweeted Charest.

Christian Heritage Party of Canada leader Rod Taylor said today is a “momentous day for the #Prolife movement in this landmark decision. Choose life #roevswade #SupremeCourt.”

Former Rebel News reporter Keean Bexte and now head of the Counter Signal, had this to say:

“Liberals literally want to kill children in the name of ‘bodily autonomy,’ but if you tell them you don’t want a state-mandated injection, you are the crazy one,” wrote Bexte.

“Suddenly they all seem to know what a woman is now. Strange how that works.”

Publisher of Western Standard Derek Fildebrandt said that those complaining about today’s news but supported COVID mandates, have no say in the matter.

“If you supported mandates over the last two years, your opinion on this matter is invalid,” tweeted Fildebrandt.

Pro-life Canadian political commentator Mattea Merta tweeted, “All pro-abortion protesters have one thing in common, they’re all alive.”

CLC says Trudeau is ‘wrong’ on abortion

CLC President Jeff Gunnarson in a statement sent to LifeSiteNews said that his heart goes out to the “four million victims destroyed by abortion in what is the greatest human rights abuse in our nation’s history.”

Gunnarson said that what Trudeau said is “simply wrong.”

“There are two bodies when it comes to pregnancy: the mother and her baby. The baby inside the mother’s body has his own DNA, brainwaves, and a heartbeat separate from the mother,” noted Gunnarson.

“Our own Supreme Court made it clear in the 1988 Morgentaler decision that the state has an interest in protecting the lives of both the mother and her pre-born baby. It’s time for the Prime Minister to catch up with science when it comes to life in the womb.”

CLC praised today’s U.S Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade as a “victory” for life, adding it won’t be long before life will be “winning here.”