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CALGARY (JCCF) —  On the two-year anniversary of the first Covid lockdowns in Canada, the Justice Centre has released a new, detailed report: “Two weeks to flatten the curve, two years to flatten our freedoms.”

Starting on March 15, 2020, Canada’s provincial governments announced or immediately imposed school closures and other lockdown measures for a two-week period, in order to “flatten the curve,” suggesting it was necessary to “protect” the health care system. Two weeks have turned into two years as federal, provincial and municipal governments have violated the Charter freedoms of Canadians to move, travel, associate, assemble, worship, express themselves, and exercise control over their own bodies.

Two years into this “two weeks to flatten the curve,” Canadians cannot fly on airplanes unless they have taken the correct number of Covid vaccine doses (currently two) as determined by the Federal Government.

“Most provinces have done away with the discriminatory vaccine passports that turned the vaccine-free into second-class citizens, but provincial governments can re-introduce this vicious discrimination at any time, without warning,” notes lawyer John Carpay, President of the Justice Centre.

“These past two years of violating our Charter rights and freedoms are based on the demonstrably false prediction of Imperial College London’s Dr. Neil Ferguson, who equated Covid to the Spanish flu of 1918. The fear is not based on facts, but the irrational fear still has a hold on the minds and hearts of some Canadians,” continues Mr. Carpay.

The Justice Centre’s paper outlines how federal and provincial governments, in the name of “following the science,” have enacted inconsistent, ineffective, and damaging measures in an attempt to eradicate a virus which has not proven to be a deadly threat for the overwhelming majority of Canadians. The report looks back and analyzes lockdowns in the light of science, also taking into account the widespread economic, physical, and psychological damage which these policies inflicted upon Canadians.

“We have asked Canada’s federal and provincial governments about their cost-benefit analyses of lockdown measures. To our knowledge, not one of Canada’s governments has conducted a thorough review of lockdown benefits versus lockdown harms,” says Mr. Carpay.

“Two weeks to flatten the curve, two years to flatten our freedoms” includes an extensive collection of the inconsistent and even absurd health mandates imposed upon Canadians which have eroded public confidence in our authorities. The failure of the new mRNA Covid vaccines to create herd immunity, and their failure to stop the spread of the virus, is one example. Seemingly illogical and arbitrary measures are documented as they were imposed across the country.

“Absurd mandates such as the closing of churches while leaving big box stores open, restricting the purchasing of goods subjectively deemed ‘non-essential,’ night-time curfews and the prohibition on serving alcohol after 10 p.m. are just some of the examples of how our governments and health authorities are following ideology rather than science,” continues Mr. Carpay.

“As we now enter our third year of Charter violations, the Justice Centre will continue to hold governments accountable in court,” he concludes.

Reprinted with permission from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms