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COW BAY, Nova Scotia (LifeSiteNews) — A former Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) member told LifeSiteNews in an exclusive interview that he was removed from service for refusing the COVID-19 shot and his choice was made public against his wishes.

Logan White from Cow Bay, Nova Scotia, served the Canadian military honorably for over 17 years. He was an Avionics Systems Technician at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Shearwater until Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Wayne Eyre ordered all CAF members to receive the COVID shot.

White has since joined a lawsuit filed against the Crown in September seeking damages for his involuntary release and breach of privacy. The statement of claim for this lawsuit says:

At the date of filing this claim, not one member of the CAF has died from COVID-19 despite serving on the front lines of the pandemic in high-risk environments like nursing homes; yet there are members with seriously life changing vaccine injuries and deaths from the administration of the biologics.

White said that he did not feel at risk from COVID-19 but was wary of the effects of the jab.

“The military didn’t implement their vaccine mandate until quite late in the game,” he told LifeSiteNews. “By that time, the worst of COVID was already over. Most of us had already been infected and developed natural immunity.”

White noted the many “red flags” that the chain of command had implemented to increase COVID shot acceptance.

“I just thought it was very strange the way certain things were being pushed,” he said. “They started bribing people, giving them French fries and hamburgers and putting them in the lotteries.”

As a master corporal, White led a small team and felt he had a duty to set an example for those who served with him by not being coerced into receiving the shots.

“Many of my subordinates also didn’t want to take it, and they had concerns about efficacy, and they had concerns about safety” he said. “Some of the guys on my crew, two of them actually… got myocarditis from the shots.”

When he was threatened with an 5(f) release, White chose to accept this consequence rather than to leave the CAF voluntarily.

“I also didn’t think they would follow through with it,” he said. “I thought it was so stupid they wouldn’t do it. They were already 10,000 people short in the military, and they’re threatening to kick us out over a vaccine?”

But White did receive the 5(f) release; it states that he is “Unsuitable for further service.”

“I would need the CDS to pardon me to get back in the military,” he said.

However, White has no plans to return to the CAF. He noted the abuse of privacy that took place before his removal, which started when unvaccinated members were required to be tested regularly for COVID-19.

“Our unit thought the most appropriate room for that testing was a small room just outside of the main door where everyone enters and exits the hanger,” he said with heavy irony.

“We were expected to line up and wait our turn to do the testing with all of this foot traffic of everyone coming and going, and that exposed us as being unvaccinated to all of our peers, therefore violating our right to privacy.”

White says that this order was carried out differently across the CAF and that this exposure was not necessary.

“I do think it was intentional,” he said. “I don’t have proof of it, but I believe that it was. I believe that it was to make an example of us.”

The Statement of Claim from the lawsuit says that “Section 126 of the National Defence Act requires a member refusing vaccination to be charged with a service offence and face a court martial.”

White said he told his commanding officer that soldiers have the right to deny vaccinations provided they have a valid reason.

“I also told him, ‘I would like you to charge me formally, so I can bring this to Court Martial, and I can argue my legal rights to say no to this’ and he refused.”

If the lawsuit is successful, White could receive over $1,000,000 in damages. However, he told LifeSiteNews that he did not join the suit for the money.

“I think somebody needs to be held accountable for this, and obviously we were wronged,” White said.

“They had no right to do that, and they should have known that they had no right to do that,” he continued.

“They have a whole team of legal experts who I’m sure informed them of all sorts of things, and they chose to do it anyway. So, to me, it’s an intentional overstep of their authoritative boundaries, and it caused a lot of harm to a lot of us.”

White joined the military before he turned 18 and, up until the pandemic, had no issues serving in the CAF.

“I joined because I believed in the idea of fighting for Canadians’ rights and fighting for the things that made Canada what Canada is. And I joke, I say, ‘You know, it’s ironic that I lost my job for doing exactly that’.”

White is one of 128 plaintiffs in the lawsuit seeking damages for various Charter rights violations from the CAF COVID-19 jab mandate. The suit began with the submission of the Statement of Claim on September 27, 2023. The plaintiffs now await a Statement of Defence from the Crown.

The lawyer representing the plaintiffs is Catherine Christensen of Valour Law. Christensen has said the lawsuit is likely still years away from resolution. She is also representing another 300 plaintiffs in a similar lawsuit that began in June.