OTTAWA, Feb 4 (LSN) – Diane Marleau, Minister for International Cooperation, announced on January 27 that the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) will fund a project to “promote human rights,” which will be implemented in Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. According to the press release, “the project initially involves surveying business people of various [religious] denominations to find out their views on the issue of human rights in their community and it will help to evaluate the influence of religion on perception of human rights. The results of this survey will allow for a better understanding and better targeting of activities in this area.”  The problem with the project is that the definition of “human rights”, according to both CIDA and Diane Marleau, includes the unrestricted access to abortion. In its literature CIDA notes that,  “Canadians affirm the highest attainable standard of physical, mental and reproductive health (i.e. abortion) as a human right, an essential resource for everyday life and a crucial investment for global prosperity, security and equitable social development.” Further, while Marleau was the federal health minister she ensured that provinces would pay for abortions, or else lose the amount they withheld by having it deducted from federal health transfer payments.  Through CIDA, Canadians will very likely be “targeting” religious groups opposing abortion. This would be done through “activities” to foster a more politically correct version of “human rights”  which would include the “right” to abortion on demand. CIDA will contribute $220,000 to this project through the South East Asia Fund for Institutional and Legal Development (SEAFILD).  see the CIDA press release at: 475608dadadf8525659c006519f7?OpenDocument