Canadian Stem Cell Bill Approved by Senate Committee in Unanimous Vote

OTTAWA, March 3, 2004 ( - The Senate’s Social Affairs, Science and Technology Committee has unanimously approved Bill C-6, An Act Respecting Assisted Human Reproduction and Related Research.  The bill will now go to Third and final reading in the Senate and be given a final vote directly thereafter.

The legislation allows destructive research on human embryos ‘leftover’ from fertility clinics; it allows the specific creation of human embryos for the express purpose of research on IVF; sanctions destructive in vitro fertilization and its allowance for homosexual couples; and contains loopholes which would allow for human cloning for research purposes, and more.

Opponents of the bill are strongly urging Canadians to immediately contact at least the Senators from their province and insist that they vote against the bill.  Senators contact info:   See’s extensive coverage of the bill:   See recent coverage:  Canadian Bishops Conference Undermines Pro-Life Movement Strategy on Stem Cell Bill Pope Insists Catholic Legislators Must Never Vote Against Life or Family

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