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Josh Alexander leads a protest at York Mills Collegiate Institute in response to the school's hosting of a drag eventTrue North / YouTube

TORONTO (LifeSiteNews) — A group of young Canadians held a large protest Wednesday in front of York Mills Collegiate Institute in Toronto after the high school decided to host a drag queen event for some of its students.

Leading Wednesday’s protest was the pro-family volunteer organization Save Canada, along with one of its flagship members Josh Alexander, the now-well-known 16-year-old Ontario high school student who drew international headlines earlier this year when he was suspended indefinitely and arrested after he opposed gender ideology at his Catholic school in Renfrew, Ontario.

Footage of the protest, captured by True North’s Harrison Faulkner, shows a sizable number of students and parents present at the demonstration, along with a fair number of Toronto Police Service officers.

Speaking to True North, Alexander explained that the issue with the event – which was advertised by the school as the “International Day of Pink: Commemorating the Stonewall Riots and Birth of World Pride” – is that “we have kids being indoctrinated in the education system,” and that such indoctrination poses a “threat” to those who hold traditional values.

Students who attend the school were also present at the protest, with one teenage boy calling the event “disgusting and pedophilic,” and telling the outlet he doesn’t believe “it’s the government’s business” or the “left-wing media’s business” with respect to how “children choose to identify.”

Another teenage boy told True Norththat he believes children should “never be sexualized,” and explained that only a select few students were even allowed to attend the pro-LGBT event as a way to control the narrative and stifle dissent.

“Kids go to school to learn English, math, science, to socialize with friends, phys-ed, [and] gender identity stuff shouldn’t be taught in schools,” a third young man remarked.

The protest comes on the heels of a radical piece of legislation introduced in the province by far-left New Democratic Party (NDP) of Ontario MPP Kristyn Wong-Tam.

Wong-Tam’s legislation, Bill 94, is titled the “Keeping 2SLGBTQI+ Communities Safe Act, 2023,” and seeks to ban anyone from protesting within 100 meters of drag queen story hours or any other “2SLGBTQI+” designated events.

Critics of the bill have accused it of being an attempt to normalize “institutionalized grooming,” and even Twitter CEO Elon Musk expressed shock when learning about the proposed law.

While the bill may not pass, as the NDP is not the ruling party in Ontario, a similar bylaw was passed last month in the city of Calgary, Alberta.