OTTAWA, May 17, 2002 ( – The general population in Canada does not seem to be as zealous as it once was about advancing homosexual rights. A 1990 survey found that 81% of Canadians supported the statement: “homosexuals are entitled to the same rights as other Canadians.” A 2000 opinion poll saw that figure drop to 70%. The figures were release by University of Lethbridge sociologist and author Dr. Reg Bibby.  In an interview with The Ottawa Citizen, he suggested that in the wake of significant pro-homosexual legal and social reforms over the past decade, “there is some trepidation in the air, as people come to grips with the implications of equal rights being extended to gays and lesbians.” Citing the recent case of Catholic school student Marc Hall which pitted religious freedom against homosexual rights, he said that “highly publicized events such as [this] obviously can be expected to lead Canadians to further ponder how comfortable they are in actually extending full rights to gays and lesbians, especially when those rights seem to clash with the values of their own cherished institutions.”  See: