WINNIPEG, Manitoba, September 19, 2005, ( – Teenage first year university students, as well as returning students, not only face the daunting task of adjusting to new academic challenges but are also faced with moral assaults as evidenced by the University of Winnipeg’s (UW) “Reorientation Week” and its blatant lesbian recruiting.

Fully advertised and promoted on the UW official website the school plays host to the “Lesbian Rangers”, a presentation featuring two Winnipeg residents, Lorri Millan and Shauna Dempsey. The idea, as described in their literature, is to “to insert a lesbian presence into the landscape “. The “Lesbian National Parks and Services” routine began in 1997 and uses a great deal of sexual innuendo to insert sexualized meaning into everything from “lesbian flora and fauna” to “how to start a fire”.

Dressing in park ranger uniforms the two women participate in series of events ranging from breakfasts and bbq’s to recruitment drives – all with the intent to lure young women and girls into the sexual practices of lesbianism. The Lesbian Rangers will be on campus for the entire month of September.

Ms. Millan and Dempsey are not restricted to the Winnipeg area. They were present in Halifax this summer and have toured numerous Canadian cities as well as in Japan, Australia, Europe, and the US. Their endeavors, however, are not limited to the merely secular.

In 1994 the activist lesbian duo produced a 20 minute sacrilegious performance entitled “The Glass Madonna” which grossly demeaned the Virgin Mary.

The University of Winnipeg also hosts conferences such as the DragKing Conference. The conference runs during a weekend in October and discusses such things as: Kinging and the impact/implications on race, class and ability; Kinging and the impact/implications on feminist and queer discourse; King subcultures including bio/faux queens, bio/faux kings, transkings, etc.; Learning to (fill in the blank): Interactive sessions.

While parents should be shocked at what their children are exposed to at UW, and indeed at almost all Universities in Canada, the other issue at stake is that the funding for these endeavors come from public coffers. That is, taxpayers are unwittingly paying for all this aggressive lesbian/gay proselytizing of Canada’s youth.

According to REAL Women of Canada, and Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere (EGALE), funding is received from such government organizations as the Status of Women as well as grants from Heritage Canada, and other government offices dealing with the Arts and Culture.

September is the time when many senior high school students start to examine their options regarding post-secondary education. Many of the factors involved in their search are tuition costs, location and types/quality of programs offered. As more universities become institutions of homosexual indoctrination, serious consideration needs to be given to a university’s moral environment.

It is not known yet if students are objecting to their various school administrations about these homosexual proselytizing programs and if the presenters of the programs are being directly challenged by students. As well, organizations who have expressed concern about the programs stongly urge Canadians to contact their Members of Parliament to insist that the government cease funding theÂprograms.

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