OTTAWA, June 1, 2004 ( – The Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF), has made a number of recommendations to teachers to help promote the legitimacy of homosexual behavior and lifestyles and “same-sex marriage” to children. Using the homosexual movement’s rhetoric to explain the necessity of indoctrinating children, Terry Price, president and spokesman for the CTF said, “Everybody has the right to a safe learning and working environment, regardless of their (sic) sexual orientation.”

Price went on to indicate that without active participation of the teachers in furthering the homosexual agenda of normalizing such relationships, persons who suffer from the homosexual temptation would be subject to violent persecution. “As long as gay bashing, discrimination and exclusion based on sex-and-gender differences persist in Canadian society, we cannot achieve an inclusive society where the dignity, worth and integrity of all Canadians are recognized, respected and honored,” adds Ms. Price.  CTF recommendations include, for elementary teachers, “Read a story with an BGLTT character in it to your class…Grades 4 – 7…Read a story and talk positively about same sex families to students in your classroom…Grades K – 3.”  For high school students, teachers are recommended to “Invite speakers to your class or an assembly during Pride Month (June)… Debate an issue regarding BGLTT people and equality within your classroom (i.e. Same-sex marriage – Agree or disagree? What are the merits of gay straight alliance (GSA) clubs in schools? Should sex education be inclusive of LGBT information?”  To read the CTF media release: