John-Henry Westen


Canadian Tire Stands Behind Sponsorship of ‘My Fabulous Gay Wedding’

John-Henry Westen

HALIFAX, February 14, 2005 ( – Canadian Tire may find itself the subject of a boycott for the company’s sponsorship of a television show promoting homosexual ‘marriage’. 

The show, ‘My Fabulous Gay Wedding’ will feature six one-hour episodes focusing on a different same-sex couple, as they prepare for and are “married.”

The Corporation has thus far refused to cancel its sponsorship of the program despite multiple complaints.

Responding to one concerned Canadian about its sponsorship of the controversial show, a Customer Relationship Representative, speaking for Canadian Tire’s “entire team” stated, “The decision to sponsor this show was part of an overall marketing and advertising plan aimed at promoting our new gift registry service to engaged couples.” 

The response from Canadian Tire justified its support of the show promoting gay ‘marriage’ saying, “We understand this is a sensitive and emotional issue for many Canadians and there are many conflicting ideas on what constitutes a ‘traditional Canadian family’. Canadian Tire does not define what constitutes a family, we feel we should leave that to policy makers and the government. Canadian Tire is inclusive and wants to sell our products and services to all Canadians.” 

To express your concerns to Canadian Tire:  [email protected]  

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