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(LifeSiteNews) – Some fully jabbed travelers are being forced to quarantine because of glitches with the ArriveCan app Canadians are required to use when re-entering their country.

David Crouch has taken 4 COVID shots but was told by his app when he got home to Canada that he had to quarantine for 14 days.

Crouch told the National Post that the news hit him “like a tonne of bricks” and that he could not contact anyone in the government to resolve the issue.

“It seems to be all one way. They can tell you things, they can send you things, but God forbid you ever tried to get hold of anybody,” he said.

Crouch had planned other travels within what became his quarantine time, and thus he couldn’t fill out the information on the app. Once you are in “quarantine,” you cannot use the ArriveCan app for travel until that period is up.

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The frustrated traveler contacted his Member of Parliament (MP) Tony Baldinelli about the issue, and the MP said he has heard of many such experiences.

“ArriveCan has been a disaster for our community in terms of its impact on our tourism community,” Baldinelli said.

One fully vaccinated Canadian senior did not want to install the ArriveCan app on her phone, and was filmed being told by a border agent that she had to isolate and quarantine as a result.

“I shouldn’t have to go through this, no Canadian should” she told the filmmaker.

How the quarantine orders are enforced is unclear, as this is up to the local jurisdiction. One Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officer told a LifeSiteNews journalist that he “can’t believe we are still doing these checks” and that they only get to the checks if they have time. He was referring to the follow-up that officer in some places are asked to do, checking up on whether people are staying home for 14 days.

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