By Gudrun Schultz and Steve Jalsevac

  NEW YORK, United States, February 6, 2007 ( –  A Canadian representative to the United Nations, originally appointed under the previous Liberal administration and now supposedly acting under the direction of the current Conservatives government, berated Muslim countries last week for opposing the admission of gay activist organizations to observer status with the UN, the National Post reported Feb. 2.

  A gay activist group from Quebec, the Coalition gaie et lesbienne du Quebec (CGLQ) was rejected by the UN committee after it applied for official recognition at the UN as a non-governmental organization.

  Nell Stewart, of the Canadian mission to the UN, said Canada was “deeply dismayed that the committee has rejected the application of CGLQ with no explanation,” speaking to the 19-member committee on non-governmental organizations.

“Canada strongly supports an inclusive United Nations which allows room for diverse voices to be heard.”

  Stewart went on to criticize Muslim-led opposition to homosexual activism at the UN, saying Canada had noted that the Muslim position had a long history of influence in the committee.

  Egypt, Guinea, Pakistan, Qatar and Sudan initiated the demand for a vote on admitting the group, voting no along with Burundi, China and Russia.

  The United States was among those nations voting yes, as were Britain, Colombia, Israel, Peru and Romania. The US also backed the application of the homosexual groups granted status last year, among them the International Lesbian and Gay Association that at one time had ties to pedophile organizations.

  Although the UN committee that investigates such requests has consistently resisted the efforts of homosexual activist groups to achieve official status, three homosexual groups were admitted in May 2006 after representatives from Austria and Finland, acting respectively as president of the committee, pushed for their inclusion.

  The Quebec group had sought admission as an NGO to gain better access to international efforts at homosexual activism, Yvan Lapointe, the executive director of the Quebec groups admitted, saying, “We pretty well have all the rights we seek in Canada.”

  The statements on behalf of Canada by Nell Stewart are the latest in a series by Canadian delegates indicating that little appears to have changed under the Conservative government in Canada’s usual leading advocacy of forcing social radicalism through the United Nations.

  In 2005, at a Parliamentary Briefing Session on Beijing 2005 Nell Stewart was listed as a Senior Advisor of the Canadian Foreign Affairs Department of Human Rights, Humanitarian Affairs and International Women’s Equality Division. In a listing of current member of the Permanent Mission of Canada to the United Nations, Stewart is listed under the Legal, Economic and Social Affairs Section as First Secretary (Human Rights and Social Affairs).

  Stewart has written extensively on human rights issues and in those writings indicates strong feminist, pro-abortion views. She actively advocates wider international ratification of the radical feminist initiated Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.

  Pro-family, pro-life Canadian leaders continue to be dismayed that the Harper Conservative government has still not removed such leftist ideologues from Canada’s UN delegation.

  LifeSiteNews contacted the office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Peter McKay, but calls were not returned by press time.

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