TORONTO, May 31, 2004 ( – The Globe and Mail story which falsely implied a link between a story and a recent act of vandalism, was enough evidence for Canadian Auto Workers Union president Buzz Hargrove to declare a “hate crime against gays.”  The Globe and Mail reported that the offices of Toronto-based Tapestry Pictures, producers of an anti-Catholic pro-homosexual film, were vandalized.

The made-for-TV movie that Tapestry produced is about former Oshawa Catholic high school student Marc Hall who, in 2002, sued his Catholic high school to force them to allow him to bring his homosexual boyfriend to the school prom.

The Globe reporter with a seeming conspiracy-theory mentality attempted to portray the vandalism as motivated by hatred of homosexuals rather than robbery.  Reporter Gayle MacDonald wrote “Tapestry’s west-end offices were broken into and badly damaged, however nothing—no computers, camera equipment or readily available cash—was stolen.”

Contradicting the Globe story, Toronto Police say that goods were stolen during the incident.  Detective James Hogan of the Toronto Police Hate Crimes Unit spoke with today.  Detective Hogan said “according to the report there was property stolen.”

Hargrove took the Globe story as enough evidence to declare an anti-gay hate crime – a serious charge in Canada currently since with new hate crime laws being enacted it is a criminal charge carrying a penalty of up to two years in prison.  “Given the reported heightened anti-gay activity on the internet in recent weeks aimed at denouncing ‘Prom Queen, said Hargrove, “it seems clear the trashing of Tapestry Pictures is a hate crime against gays.”  However Detective Hogan told that the incident “is not being considered a hate crime by the Toronto police.”  He noted that “at this point there is no evidence to suggest a hate-motivated break and enter”.  See related coverage:  Globe and Mail Falsely Implies Link from article to ‘Hate Crime’ Vandalism CTV to Celebrate Anti-Catholic Gay-Activist Episode in Toronto with Mini-Series   Canadian Homosexual Activists on EGALE List-Serve Discuss How to Shut Down LifeSite Focus on Family rep says “gay activists want to wipe out any dissenting opinion” and Pro-family Groups Subject to Intimidation From Gay Rights Leaders Psychological warfare ‘jamming’ technique seeks to instill doubt in minds of pro-family persons