TORONTO, October 21, 2005 ( – A Canadian university fundraiser to help Katrina survivors in New Orleans featured a “Bush-bashing” video about the evacuation of New Orleans.

An anonymous attendee at Thursday’s Ryerson University Student Union fundraiser described the video as “a Bush-bashing video intended to incite hatred against the man.” The observer described, “In part of the video, a black man who is being interviewed says ‘they sent them [US Army and other security personnel] in to shoot at us [blacks] ….Bush doesn’t care about black people…’”

“The rest of the video was a clear example of dishonest and manipulative film in which scenes of the destruction and of George Bush – some shots of him when he was a young man and one in particular where he ‘gives the finger’– are shown alternating,” the attendee added. “The goal was obviously to make Bush look like he had total and complete contempt for those suffering in New Orleans.”

“Most of the crowd cheered briefly at the end of the video,” the observer continued. An unidentified Student Union member “said emphatically that diversity was important and that there should be ‘no discrimination,’ however, he doesn’t mind discriminating against Bush and indeed inciting hatred towards him.”

A program distributed to those in attendance displayed on its reverse side: “We [Ryerson Student Union] denounce the murderous neglect of the US government towards African American people that were victimized (nearly 70% of the population of New Orleans). We also denounce the racist portrayals by the media of black people who were labeled [sic] ‘looters’ and portrayed as animals for simply providing a means of survival for their families.”

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