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TORONTO (LifeSiteNews) — Students at Ryerson University are taking legal action against the school for damages caused by the institutions’ COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

“A group of 16 students requests your assistance to pursue and continue its legal action against Ryerson University. This action is brought to remedy the harm caused by the implementation of its COVID-19 vaccine mandate and to advocate for the permanent removal of such policies,” states the campaign, which was launched April 1.

“The choices made by Ryerson University in their application of these mandates resulted in the de-enrolment of up to 3,600 students, in addition to loss of student employment, scholarships/funding, and peace of mind,” continues the crowdfunding page, which has raised over $6,000 of the $50,000 goal.

The campaign page adds that “Legal action will take form in the filing of a lawsuit seeking damages and an injunction to prevent the university from enforcing the mandate in the future” while clarifying that “the students have already retained legal counsel.”

“The students hope that the lawsuit and the injunction will set a precedent for not only Ryerson students but all other university and college students in Ontario, Canada, who have been negatively impacted by COVID-19 vaccine mandates.”

According to a timeline of the events posted by the organizers of the campaign, Ryerson’s vaccine mandate was announced August 13, 2021, with an effective start date of September 7.

By “mid-December 2021 to mid-January 2022, the university began de-enrolling non-compliant students from in-person courses,” the timeline explains.

On March 28, the school announced that the mandates for masking and vaccination will be “suspended” on May 1, but warned that “this decision has been made based on the current information and advice” and “things can change very quickly.”

“Members of the university community should be aware that it may become necessary to quickly reintroduce these and other measures and requirements in the future,” the school explained.

Ryerson is not the only Ontario school to be facing backlash as a result of their vaccine mandates.

Last week, the University of Toronto likewise suspended their vaccine mandate after a human rights complaint filed on behalf of faculty members.

The week before that, a former staff member at the University of Guelph wrote a letter to the president of the school explaining how being placed on unpaid leave over her decision to not receive the experimental COVID jab led to her losing her home.

While many institutions and governments in Canada have rescinded vaccine mandates and vaccine passports, there has been little or no admittance on behalf of those who imposed the policies that the measures were scientifically unnecessary or that they inflicted harm.

This is despite the fact that there is a growing body of data indicating that vaccine mandates and passports have been failed strategy for tackling COVID, reports showing the vaccines being linked to millions of injuries and thousands of deaths, as well as data showing COVID-19’s high survivability among most groups, its now understood minimal risk of asymptomatic spread, and research indicating that post-infection natural immunity is far superior to vaccine-induced immunity