OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – A now-legendary veteran and thru-hiker, James Topp completed his 2670-mile journey from Vancouver to Ottawa to protest the injustice of the Canadian government’s COVID mandates. 

We have freedom here, but it is slowly being syphoned away,” said Topp to onlookers after arriving in the Canadian capital on June 30. “But we are going to do something about it!” 

Canada has long suffered under some of the most draconian mandates related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Canadian public registered its profound disapproval of Trudeau’s tyrannical polices when truckers from across the nation braved frigid temperatures and hazardous conditions to drive to Ottawa to protest the mandates in Freedom Convoys earlier this year. 

Yet Topp notes the struggle against COVID tyranny in Canada continues.  

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“So here we are now gathered together on the day before Canada Day, celebrating the completion of this journey,” said Copp to a crowd of thousands of supporters before the city’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  

“Where do we go from here? What’s to be done?” he continued. “Heed the call. Assemble. Organize yourselves. Plan. What’s the answer? Non-violence. Peace. And from those things will come truth— please understand that!” 

The veteran said that because of the outpouring of support he received from the public, not only was he able to finish the arduous trek, but members of Parliament met with him to hear his concerns. 

Rebel News correspondent David Menzies, who was in attendance at the event, said that while he believed there is some hope that the country’s COVID mandates will end, the continued narrative that the COVID-19 shots actually work — despite people catching the virus after their 4th jab — is an indication that the nation is “not out of the ‘lockdown-apalooza as the months go on.”  

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Since beginning his journey earlier this year, Topp has garnered a large following of Canadians. Despite the conclusion of his journey, Topp is optimistic that the character of the Canadian people will ultimately prevail in this effort.  

“Listening is a challenge. Working together is a challenge. But you should take up the challenge,” he noted.  

“It’s time to heal. It’s time to reach out with an open hand. That’s what we’re doing here. That’s where you gotta start.”  

“It’s not easy. But I believe in you,” Topp concluded.