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Carol Pearce (R) with her daughter Stephanie Foster (L) Screenshot

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan (LifeSiteNews) – A Canadian woman dropped dead at her local pharmacy only minutes after getting a COVID booster jab.

As reported by the Western Standard, on September 14, the now deceased Carol Pearce went to her local Shoppers Drug Mart in Saskatoon, where she got a COVID booster shot.

While waiting for the mandated 15-minute post-jab rest period, Pearce “dropped dead before she hit the floor” according to Shoppers Drug Mart workers.

Pearce had been texting her daughter Stephanie Foster right after she had received the jabs.

According to Foster, only a short while after her mom had told her she had received the shot, Shoppers Drug Mart said she fell to floor.

“It was right after then that they say ‘she dropped dead before she hit the floor’,” noted Foster. “That is what the docs have told us.”

According to the family, Pearce was in good health overall. Her family is now alleging she died from the COVID jabs.

“My beautiful Mother’s life was taken yesterday by the COVID BOOSTER SHOT,” wrote Foster.“She had no medical issues at all.”

Foster, whom in the text chat told her mom she did not “want another” jab, said that Pearce’s death should have never happened. “Had they known what they were shooting into us!!! My Mom would still be here!!!”

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Health is denying that Pearce died from getting the COVID jab. Instead, the health authority insists she died of “natural causes.”

Twitter user Heart4Truth went in person to the Shoppers Drug Mart to record an undercover video to enquire from the pharmacists if they had seen anyone have a bad reaction to the COVID jabs.

Video footage documents the Twitter user being told by the pharmacist that they were ordered not to comment on what happened to Pearce. According to Heart4Truth, a friend had seen firsthand what happened to Pearce.

Autopsy data shows a close association between the COVID mRNA jabs and heart inflammation, more so than between the COVID virus itself and heart issues.

Also, according to two recent medical studies from Europe, blood damage explains the many harmful impacts of COVID shots.

The Canadian federal government, along with all provincial governments, have been pushing the COVID injections on the Canadian populace and has even used questionable tactics to achieve high vaccination rates.

Advisers to Health Canada recently recommended Canadians take a “booster” of the still experimental COVID injections, which are now known to do next to nothing to stop the spread of the virus, every three months.

The still experimental COVID injections were approved for use for those age six months and up.

The approval of the jabs for babies in Canada comes even though over 400 doctors, scientists, and professionals just declared a medical crisis due to “diseases and death associated with the ‘COVID-19 vaccines.’”

The COVID jab trials have never produced evidence that vaccines stop infection or transmission. In fact, evidence suggests that the jabs no longer even reduce severe symptoms, especially considering the ever-changing viral variants, and that they are harming more people than helping.