CALGARY, AB, May 25 ( – Yesterday’s edition of Alberta Report magazine details the top secret eugenic terminations of Canadian Down Syndrome babies whose mothers are secretly taken to the US for gruesome late-term abortions at taxpayers’ expense. On a CBC interview last month Capital Health Region spokesman Donna Angus revealed that Edmonton’s Royal Alexandria Hospital offers mothers with babies who have some “kind of anomaly such as Down’s or spina bifida or some other conditions … beyond the 20-week period,” an all expense paid trip “to the United States if they choose to abort.”

Angus however refused to reveal the number of women sent to the US for these eugenic abortions and also did not disclose the nature of the procedure used to abort the babies.  She did say that “After 20 weeks (gestation) the service offered in the United States is not something we offer here.” Garth Norris, director of communications for Alberta Health lied to reporters saying that only seven Albertans were sent to the US for medical procedures since 1989 but that he did not have the specifics on the cases since patient files are confidential. Alberta Report notes that Mr. Norris “is contradicted in writing by his boss”.  Health Minister Halvar Jonson in October reported that “since April 1995, there have been six cases referred to the United States for the [abortion] procedure.”

Will Johnston, a member of B.C. Physicians for Life commented to the news magazine: “Do officials not feel any responsibility to patients and taxpayers when sending patients abroad for procedures that are too heinous to perform on Canadian soil?”

(with files from Pro-Life E-News)