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DORCHESTER, Ontario, November 12, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Vaccine Choice Canada (VCC), a national nonprofit which educates parents and consumers about current and developing vaccines in Canada, is asking citizens to sign a petition asking the government to “preserve and protect our ethical, legal, and moral right to informed consent” and “legally ensure COVID19 vaccines are voluntary.”

“The petition brings attention to our Members of Parliament and to those who sign the petition the lack of proper safety testing, the lack of independent oversight, the significant risks of coronavirus vaccines, the experimental nature of a COVID 19 vaccine, and the fact that COVID 19 vaccines are not designed to prevent infection or transmission,” VCC said in an email to supporters.

The petition is asking for transparency, third party processing to ensure no conflict of interests with any individuals who may be involved in the vaccine approval process, highest of safety standards, and, most importantly, a pledge that vaccines will not be mandated or forced. It also calls for funds to be set aside in the case of vaccine injury.

Gisele Baribeau, who sits on the Board of Directors of VCC said, “COVID 19 has a death rate of 0.024 % compared to a death rate of 0.13% for influenza and pneumonia.”

In the case of a COVID-19 vaccine, there is no evidence that any possible benefit might outweigh the risk of a rushed vaccine. “A factually based risk assessment of SARS-CoV-19 virus impact does not call for an enormously expensive, population-wide application of a warp-speed, risk-laden, potentially DNA-modifying vaccine,” Baribeau stated.

Health Canada is the federal department of Canada which authorizes clinical trials of drugs and vaccines. According to a Q & A published by the ALS society of Canada, “Typically, it can be 5-10 years before a drug can go from the first clinical trial to being submitted for approval by Health Canada. “

But as of May 2020, the Minister of Health signed an interim order for clinical trials related to the coronavirus to be “streamlined.” Health Canada’s website states, “An interim order is one of the fastest mechanisms available to address large-scale public health emergencies, without following the usual regulatory process.”

But it is precisely the circumvention of the usual regulatory processes that are cause for concern. Vaccine manufacturers are being granted immunity from causing harm, safety protocols like animal testing are being waived, and never-before-used technology that “injects manufactured genetic materials” will be in vaccines. The petition also points out, “No coronavirus vaccine has ever been approved because of serious adverse effects, including death to test animals, due to pathogenic priming.”


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