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(LifeSiteNews) – Canadians from coast to coast will take to the streets for multiple protests on April 1 to show opposition to a planned 23% increase in the federal carbon tax that takes effect the same day.

“This is a peaceful event aimed at uniting Canadians for a common cause & We will be holding the line indefinitely until our mission objective is achieved. Join us in this steadfast commitment to ensure our voices are heard and our goals are realized. Together, we stand for change,” the group Hold the Line – Nationwide Protest Against the Carbon Tax Administration stated on its website.

The stated goal is for the “immediate removal of the Carbon Tax, without replacement by any other form of taxation.”

Its mission is to organize “interprovincial border strikes across Canada,” starting April 1 at 8 a.m. and to “maintain at least one center lane open for traffic.”

The protests also will “continue the peaceful event until goals are achieved, regardless of duration,” and then “demand action from government leaders to permanently end the Carbon Tax.”

Organizers in Ottawa have already received a permit to use electric hookups and have loudspeakers on site.

“Nationwide Protest Against the Carbon Tax,” wrote @chrisdacey on X (formerly Twitter). FFor those in Ottawa and surrounding areas, a permit has been approved for April 1st on Parliament Hill. We plan to have speakers, music, and a march.”

According to organizers, protesters might block some roadways intending to slow but not fully obstruct traffic.

As of now, multiple protests have been organized in most provinces and big cities for April 1.

Organizers have put in place a code of conduct that calls for respectful and peaceful behavior.

“By adhering to these principles, our collective voice will resonate stronger and clearer. Let’s exemplify commitment, responsibility, and a desire for positive change,” the code reads.

The group has also created a Facebook page that has about 150,000 members.

Carbon tax will go up 23% on April 1

On April 1, Canada’s carbon tax, which was introduced by the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2019, will increase from $65 to $85 per tonne despite seven of 10 provincial premiers objecting to the increase, and 70% of Canadians saying they are against it.

Trudeau has remained adamant that he will not pause the hikes.

As it stands, Canadians living in provinces under the federal carbon pricing scheme pay $65 per tonne, but the Trudeau government wants to increase this to $170 per tonne by 2030.

Trudeau has pitched his carbon tax as the best way to reduce so-called carbon emissions. However, the tax has added extra financial burdens on households despite hundreds of dollars of rebates per family.

To reach Trudeau’s goal of net zero by 2050, the carbon tax would have to balloon to $350 per tonne.

Trudeau’s government is trying to force net-zero regulations on all Canadian provinces, notably on electricity generation, as early as 2035. The provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan are adamantly opposed to Trudeau’s 2035 goals.

The Trudeau government’s current environmental goals, which are in lockstep with the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, include phasing out coal-fired power plants, reducing fertilizer usage, and curbing natural gas use over the coming decades.

The reduction and eventual elimination of the use of so-called “fossil fuels” and a transition to unreliable “green” energy has been pushed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) – the globalist group behind the socialist “Great Reset” agenda in which Trudeau and some of his cabinet are involved.

Canada has the third largest oil and gas reserves in the world, with most of it in Alberta. However, since taking office in 2015, Trudeau has continued to push his radical environmental agenda like the agendas being pushed by the WEF and the United Nations’ “Sustainable Development Goals.”

Tell your MP and Senators to drop the carbon tax Send a message TODAY