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OTTOWA, Ontario, December 7, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) –On Friday the Canadian pro-life organization, Campaign Life Coalition, rallied in front of the Canadian parliament to stop radical new anti-family legislation seeking to ban “conversion therapy.”  

Bill C-6, which is being promoted by PM Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party, would punish treatment of children for gender dysphoria or homosexuality with up to five years in prison. 

Parents seeking to treat their children and priests advertising spiritual counseling would be liable to imprisonment under the bill. C-6 also would rewrite sections of Canadian law to classify what it defines as “conversion therapy” alongside child pornography and obscenity. 

Campaign Life Coalition, a top Canadian pro-life and pro-family organization, protested the legislation from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., led by Campaign Life’s David Cooke.

“It’s not enough for Bill C-6 to be tweaked, to be revised, just to fix the definition. We can’t do that,” Cooke declared. “This bill has to go, totally and completely, no comprise. There is nothing here that can be good for us or for any Canadian.” Thousands of Canadians have signaled their agreement, adding their names to Campaign Life Coalition’s petition against C-6, which has garnered over 16,000 signatures so far.

As Campaign Life Coalition detailed, the “shocking results” of Bill C-6 would include extreme restrictions on the “freedom of religion, conscience, expression, the press.” Priests and pastors would face jail time “for publicly preaching repentance to homosexuals,” they said.

“Parents will be jailed for five years for teaching their children to accept their biological gender, or to reject sexual immorality,” Campaign Life added. “Books, videos, web sites, TV programs, and perhaps the Bible itself will be censored and banned for espousing the traditional view of sexuality and gender,” as well.

“Every Bible-believing church in Canada practices conversion therapy, that’s what this bill says,” Cooke warned at the protest on Friday. “It’s not called persecution, but it surely is persecution. What else do you call a piece of legislation that denounces and criminalizes our beliefs, our scriptures, and our practices as Christians?” he continued.

Bill C-6 “tries to stop the work of God,” Cooke said.

He also noted that Trudeau’s government has been pushing Bill C-6 alongside Bill C-7, which would allow doctors to euthanize Canadians who have “lost the capacity to consent.” Trudeau “wants to push these radical bills through during a COVID crisis when people are going to have more trouble protesting and speaking out,” Cooke said.

Campaign Life Coalition was joined at the rally by Dr. Anne Gillies, an trauma therapist from Ontario who condemned C-6 earlier this year as “totally totalitarian.” 

Gillies spoke to the massive damage done to children by hormone blockers and transgender surgeries. “Young children are being subjected quickly to puberty blockers… and they are not being told the extent of the medical problems that they are going to have,” she remarked.

“The ramifications for that are just starting,” Gillies said, pointing to a recent lawsuit in the United Kingdom that led to the prohibition of puberty blocking drugs for minors under 16.

Numerous experts besides Dr. Gillies have attested to the devastating, irrevocable harm that puberty disruption causes in children. The American College of Pediatricians has said that hormone blockers “arrest bone growth, decrease bone accretion, prevent the sex-steroid dependent organization and maturation of the adolescent brain, and inhibit fertility.” 

Dr. Michael Laidlaw, an endocrinologist trained at University of Southern California medical school has related that “lost years of bone development cannot be regained.” For children subjected to puberty blockers, “bone, brain, pelvic, and psychiatric development… may never fully occur.”

Peter Vogel, head of the Christian Heritage Party, spoke at Campaign Life’s protest as well,

observing that “evil” Bill C-6 “is making a value judgment” favoring homosexuality and transgenderism. 

“Giving treatment or services to someone trying to become homosexual is not going to be outlawed, but giving treatment or services to someone trying to change… to heterosexuality is being criminalized,” he stated. 

“This is the height of insanity,” Vogel said, noting that “in the future, a child with gender confusion issues will be legally allowed to go to a surgeon, but not to a pastor.” 

Gillies and Vogel were joined by other speakers, including Campagne Québec-Vie’s Georges Buscemi and Keith Alexander, a Toronto man who escaped the LGBT lifestyle. 

Along with organizing Friday’s rally, Campaign Life Coalition recently set up to help concerned citizens take action against Bill C-6 and similar legislation.

“ debunks the myth that so-called conversion therapy is ‘degrading’ and a form of ‘torture,’ as leftists (and even some Conservative M.P.s) like to claim,” said Jeff Gunnarson, national president of Campaign Life Coalition.

“Second only to the 1969 legalization of abortion by Trudeau’s father, this is the most dangerous law ever proposed in Canadian history,” the website states. “This bill is completely unacceptable in a free and democratic society.”