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Rosary rallyLisa Bourne / LifeSiteNews

OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – Following the success of the Canadian Trucker Convoy which captivated the imagination of Canadians and helped to ignite similar movements around the world, a group of Canadian Catholics is now looking to inspire Catholics and all Canadians to come to Parliament Hill on Saturday March 19 to pray for the end of the mandates, and to defeat the tyranny into which Canada has descended.

The organizers are hoping that they can build on the enthusiasm and momentum generated by the Trucker Convoy by launching their own convoy of sorts: “The Great Canadian Rosary Convoy 2022.”

John Pacheco, one of the organizers based in Ottawa, explained that during the three weeks the Trucker demonstration occurred, he noticed that many of the people on the Hill were people of Faith, or at least very open to the idea that the battle Canada is now facing is a spiritual one.

“Most people realize that we cannot win this battle through politics alone,” he observed. “We need God’s help because the powerful forces aligned against us are too formidable to win without God’s intervention. When the Truckers were here, many of us were on the Hill quite a bit praying the Rosary.”

“This needs to continue on a larger scale,” Pacheco added. “With the Trucker Convoy, we’ve come together in solidarity in a political display. Now, it’s time to come together in a spiritual display, and ask God to save our country from these dark times. It’s our only real hope.”

Pacheco stressed that while there are similarities with the Trucker Convoy, the prayer convoy will be different. “There will not be any disruption to the streets of Ottawa. There might be a religious procession leading to culmination on the Hill, but there will not be any blockade of the streets. We will fully cooperate with the civil authorities,” he said.

On the other hand, like the Trucker’s convoy, Pacheco maintained that it will be peaceful and respectful as would be expected from a prayer rally. Further like the Trucker Convoy, he would like to see Canadians assemble in their own cities and come together in convoy to Ottawa.

“There’s just something special about setting out on a journey together in solidarity and arriving at the destination together for a common mission,” he said. For those who cannot make it to Ottawa, he encouraged people to register to pray the Rosary concurrently at designated locations in their own City. Pacheco also urged those who are home-bound to join the Rally by livestream.

He stressed that Catholics need to reclaim their public display of Faith in these challenging times, and invited all Catholics to bring their Canadian and other religious national flags, religious banners, statues and sacramentals.

“Bring them all,” Pacheco said. “Show your Faith. and help school the politicians on the opening preamble to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms where it says: ‘Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law…’”

The rally is scheduled for Saturday March 19. Further details and updates of the Rally can be obtained by visiting the webpage dedicated to the event.