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MARKHAM, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) –– Three physicians and an immunologist have challenged Canadian doctors to find out—and then tell—the truth about COVID and the COVID jabs.  

In an interview with LifeSiteNews at their annual general meeting this July near Toronto, Doctors Mary O’Connor, Mark Trozzi, Chris Shoemaker, and Byram Bridle were asked to state their messages to the medical community.  

Family physician Dr. Mary O’Connor reflected that she had never said a word when she was in medical school, and now she has spoken up countless times. Her message to doctors is to tell the truth about “what’s going on.” She also wants to persuade people not to follow harmful COVID mandates. Above all, “please don’t get these injections,” she said. “They’re life-threatening.  

Emergency medicine expert Dr. Mark Trozzi revealed that a university had fired him for encouraging his students to look at “both sides” of the COVID information presented to them. He told them there were scientists, doctors and others who were “saying things about these injections that were concerning. “ 

“And I told them, ‘It’s because I really love you guys, and I want you to have a life’,” he recalled. “‘What you’re coming to is not normal medicine. This is a very weird time.’ And I was fired.”  

Trozzi told LifeSiteNews that his message to the medical community was the same: “You’ve got to look at this. You cannot continue to say, ‘It’s not my job to question this.’ You can’t continue to say, ‘The top experts in the country are telling us what to do. It’s the right thing.’ You’ve got to look at the science.”  

“If you have only two minutes…go back to the Emergency Use Authorization of Pfizer and Moderna and look at the ingredients,” Trozzi continued. “Or, better yet, go to the first 3-month clinical trial data, released March of 2021, which showed a much higher death rate within 3 months than the SARS-CoV-2 virus with the mortality of less than 0.15, that caused no death among young people, and that, if we had been allowed to treat it, would have had a mortality rate that [was] unnoticeable and made flus look bad.” 

Trozzi intimated that physicians, like other specialists, often think that they know more than they do. Being an expert on emergency medicine does not, for example, make him an expert on geopolitics and the other subjects he listed. Trozzi believes doctors need to develop humility and take an honest look at the science of COVID-19. 

“The science will lead you to many things, and you will realize that COVID is part of a war,” he declared. “It’s part of a bigger agenda, and this agenda will kill your own grandchildren.”  

Trozzi believes that the endpoint is a global dictatorship with a “dramatic reduction in the human population and the remaining humans essentially enslaved to a small group of global predators.” For the sake of future generations, he was willing to give up his prized possessions, and he wants his colleagues also to take a stand.  

“I think this is a time when doctors have to stop being used by megalomaniacs and start returning to your [Hippocratic] Oath,” he said. “You need to stand up together against the College [of Physicians and Surgeons]. When you’re receiving your lawsuits for the injections that have harmed and killed people, you need to remember who coerced you: the medical regulators and, above all, the Ministry of Health.”  

Physician Dr. Chris Shoemaker wants doctors to know the story of 80 hospitalized COVID patients whose loved ones fought in court to have them treated with ivermectin. The relatives of 40 of those patients won their battle, their loved ones were treated with the drug, and all 40 survived. However, the unwitting “control group,” the 40 patients whose relations were unsuccessful in getting them ivermectin, were not so lucky. In fact, 39 of those 40 died.  

“So, how’s that for a contrast, doctors?” Shoemaker asked.  

The doctor remarked that flu season, which begins in September, was not so far away, and asked the medical establishment to allow appropriate treatment for COVID-19.  

“Ivermectin doesn’t help against regular flu,” he said. “It does help against COVID illness. Allow it. Allow it in your pharmacies. Allow it in your hospitals. And stop killing our citizens by not allowing it.” 

“That’s my message.”  

Of the four speakers, immunologist Dr. Byram Bridle made the harshest indictment of the medical community. 

“I’m not a physician—and thank goodness,” he said. “You have failed Canadians.”  

Bridle’s advice to doctors is to model themselves on O’Connor, Trozzi, and Shoemaker. He praised the three and their likeminded colleagues for “actually practicing medical ethics over the past three years.”  

Bridle divided the rest of Canada’s medical profession into two groups: those who were “oblivious” to the truth about COVID, and those who had concerns but looked after their self-interest and their jobs first. The scientist was clearly furious that the latter allowed O’Connor, Trozzi, and Shoemaker to be “hung out to dry.” He believes that if all the doctors who knew the truth had stood up, the doctors who did speak up wouldn’t have been so easy to single out for punishment.  

“The medical community in Canada is primarily responsible for enabling the greatest medical crisis of all our generation, and this can’t happen again in the future,” Bridle declared. “You need to be able to follow the science.” 

The COVID-19 expert told LifeSiteNews that the average medical doctor gets as little as five lectures on immunology, of which vaccinology is a subcomponent, before qualifying. “So, imagine how little education they get on vaccines,” he added.  

To doctors he said, “You have to be open to the perspective of all experts when it comes to these medical issues.” He advised them also  to ask why experts whose concerns don’t match the official narrative are being censored.  

“The so-called misinformation experts … are not following their own science,” he growled. For one thing, the proper way to handle real misinformation is to have a public debate. None of his critics has been willing to debate Bridle in public, even though he can show a paper saying that “those who fail to show up to a public discussion cause the most harm.” 

“So, understand: they are not following their science,” Bridle told LifeSite staff. He castigated his critics as cowards and said he believes they are cowards because they “don’t have a clue as to what they’re talking about, and they don’t have the science to back it up.”  

The immunologist dismissed citations of the World Health Organization and other official bodies as “reputational science.”  

“Stop referring to these third parties who say that there’s a settled science,” he advised doctors. “You have to be able to understand what the real primary scientific data says, and you need to follow that.”  

Bridle called upon doctors to support the canceled physicians and to demand that they be reinstated and paid restitution. He also cajoled them to get rid of their corrupt leadership and to rebuild “the Colleges…so they’re practicing proper medical ethics and actually care, first and foremost, about the health of Canadians.”  

There was a hearty burst of applause as the scientist set down the microphone.

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