(LifeSiteNews) –– Three Canadian doctors and a professor of immunology described to LifeSiteNews staff their resistance to the cult-like acceptance of the mainstream COVID narrative.  

The panel discussion took place at LifeSiteNews’ annual general meeting, which this year took place in the days following the July 18 Canadian gala supper at the Hilton Suites Toronto-Markham Conference Centre. Dr. Mary O’Connor, Dr. Mark Trozzi, Dr. Chris Shoemaker, and Dr. Byram Bridle explained to the team what the first year of the COVID pandemic was like for them and how they responded.  

Dr. Mark Trozzi began his story by describing his medical expertise. He studied medicine at the University of Western Ontario, practised emergency medicine for 30 years, taught critical resuscitation for about 20 years, taught trauma medicine at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Hospital, worked at several other Ontario hospitals, and taught at three Ontario universities. He says he never had any serious complaints or problems.  

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When the COVID pandemic reached Canada, Trozzi initially “just did what [he] normally did … follow the Golden Rule and then try to do a good job.” He went along with the World Health Organization’s version of events at first, but the empty hospitals gave him time to research. Unsurprisingly, Trozzi did not join the dancing-doctor TikTok trend.  

“I’m not a good dancer, so I was studying COVID science,” he quipped.  

Trozzi discovered from his reading that the official advice (like “locking kids up”) was wrong. Behind closed doors, Trozzi told patients they could take off their masks and warned them not to allow their children to be jabbed with the inoculation that would soon be coming. Meanwhile, he found his colleagues’ slavish obedience to the mainstream COVID narrative very weird.  

“I felt like I was…in The Body Snatchers or some kind of movie about a cult,” he said.  

The doctor noted that the cult-like obedience to the narrative was maintained with both the carrot of money and a “big stick.” Sensing by the end of 2020 that “they were coming for [him],” Trozzi resigned from all his jobs. He told his colleagues that he was “going to do human rights work … which was true.” Ever since then, he has been “researching, teaching, sharing, and then getting involved more and more in the need for doctors and scientists among our grassroots organizations.” Working at the local, national, and international levels, Trozzi is on the steering committee for the World Council of Health. Working with international partners, he regularly meets with 20 to 30 doctors from around the world.  

But it was when he took over seeing vaccine-injured patients from a doctor in trouble with the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons, Trozzi got whacked with the big stick: his license was suspended. However, this is only a secondary concern to him. 

“A lot of people think … my main goal right now is to defend my license,” he told LifeSiteNews. “That’s by no means my main goal. My main goal is to defend our grandchildren.”  

Dr. O’Connor, a family physician, spent the initial 2-week COVID lockdown watching a lot of television and online Masses. She told LifeSiteNews that she learned very quickly that the mainstream COVID narrative was a scam. She became concerned about the dangers of mask-wearing, and her practise was soon swamped with people asking for mask exceptions, which she gave freely. She was particularly worried about the effects of masks on children.  

Dr. Chris Shoemaker had a private practice working with children with ADHD and Asperger’s. When COVID arrived, he was asked to help out in pre-hospital assessment for patients. He advised people to take Vitamin D and zinc; he knew that if he gave them prescriptions for ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, pharmacies would not honor them.  

“The sad news is these medicines would have made all the difference,” he told LifeSite. “Those medicines would have meant that we did not need a vaccine of any type, especially a vaccine which is totally toxic.”  

In Ottawa when the trucker convoy arrived, Shoemaker was spotted with a sign saying “MDs for truckers” and was asked to make a speech with other doctors. He made three speeches, and the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons “did not like” that he said that ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were completely safe. After Shoemaker said this publicly for a year and a half, the College took away his license to practice medicine.  

But Shoemaker told LifeSiteNews that researchers had stated that both those drugs should be used if there was ever a SARS—that is, SARS-CoV-1—type pandemic ever again. “And SARS-COV-2 [COVID], I think we can say has similar qualities,” he said. The reason researchers recommended them, Shoemaker added, is that “papers showed that the darn stuff worked… But people in science wanted it not to be available.”  

Dr. Byram Bridle laid out his impressive qualifications to stress that he knows what he’s talking about when he discusses COVID-19 science, “especially the COVID-19 shots given to people.” He has a B.Sc. in Biomedical Sciences and both a M.Sc. and a doctorate in immunology, and he has completed a post-doctorate fellowship in biotechnology. He is an associate professor of viral immunology and, he told LifeSiteNews, he has received lots of funding to develop novel vaccine technologies, including grants from the Ontario and Canadian governments to develop novel COVID-19 vaccines. He teaches immunology and virology at all levels of university education.  

When the COVID-19 pandemic was announced, Bridle endeavored to carry on working as usual. Conscious that his education was subsidized by the Canadian taxpayer and that his salary was primarily funded by taxes, Bridle considers himself a public servant, a scientist responsible to the public.   

“And one of the things that any good academic scientist should do is make themselves available to the public when they have questions and make the complex science accessible to the public so they can understand it and … make fully informed decisions,” he said.   

“In short … my job is to tell the scientific truth…”   

At the beginning of the pandemic, Bridle was much sought-after by mainstream media as an expert. However, this popularity ended when, during a radio interview, he told three scientific truths: that there might be a link between mRNA vaccines and myocarditis; that a Pfizer study showed that the vaccines got widely distributed through the body; and that the spike protein, if it spreads, is “essentially a toxin.”     

“They were considered extremely controversial from that point on,” Bridle said and added that he has been actively censored since then. However, he has never stopped telling the inconvenient truths about COVID-19.   

“And the reason why I chose to do that is, you know, it’s my job,” he concluded. “But more importantly, my faith compels me to tell the truth.”


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