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(LifeSiteNews) — Father John Lovell of the Coalition for Canceled Priests joins Stella on this week’s Ladies of LifeSite. He shares the group’s plans to purchase a retreat house for censored clergy, as well as details about their upcoming conference in Wisconsin.

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Father Lovell says he wants to make sure canceled priests have a place to stay, since bishops oftentimes won’t let such a priest go back to the rectory to pack up his own things, leaving the priest to find someone else to do it for him.

“Many, many canceled priests are basically told that ‘You have to go live here,’ or ‘Go live there,’ or not given even an option to live, basically turned out onto the streets, and we want to make sure that priests have a place to stay,” he says. “But even if we do not have a lot of canceled priests living at one time at the property, we would still want it to be a place of pilgrimage for both priests and laity, a place for a retreat center.”

Father Lovell also discussed the upcoming first Coalition for Canceled Priests conference and banquet on June 23-24 at the Eclipse Event Center in Beloit, Wisconsin, on the border with Illinois. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.

“We would love to get 800 people” to attend, Father Lovell says.

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Click here to help the Coalition with their purchase.