LIMA, February 18, 2011 ( – Lima’s Cardinal Archbishop Juan Luis Cipriani is accusing the U.S. and leftist billionaire George Soros of seeking to impose a pro-abortion and homosexualist “agenda” on Peru.

“Sometimes I hear and read that this is the modern agenda,” Cipriani told Radio Programs of Peru (RPP) in a recent interview. “I think that it is the agenda of Soros or of a foreign country like the United States, that wants to impose its agenda on us.”

Cipriani expressed his pleasure with a recent poll that indicates that Peruvians are overwhelmingly opposed to the legalization of abortion, as well as civil unions and “marriage” for homosexuals.  However, he lamented the current political climate in Peru, in which some presidential candidates are proposing such measures.

The cardinal noted that the Catholic Church does not favor political parties, but insisted that it has a role in defending fundamental values at the political level.

“How are we not going to be concerned when we see an environment where maternal affection isn’t talked about, but rather abortion,” the cardinal said. He also asked “Who is going to govern this country?  How is the Church not going to be concerned about the family, marriage, the education of children, education in the faith, the non-proliferation of drugs, drunkenness, and sexual abuse? I cannot be silent. My task is is to say that this is important.”

“Sirs,” Cipriani said, “the country is at stake, the family is at stake, young people are at stake.”