EDINBURGH, Scotland, Nov 8 ( – Cardinal Thomas Winning, the Scottish Catholic leader who made headlines recently for supporting a 12-year old in a crisis pregnancy, has again irked the anti-family forces. Responding to a Scottish government proposal to repeal a British law banning the promotion of homosexuality in schools, the cardinal said it is appropriate to discriminate against practicing homosexuals when it comes to the adoption of children, and the hiring of teachers, coaches and soldiers. 

“While denouncing homosexual activity, the church also defends homosexual persons from those forms of discrimination which are unjust and seeks to help them find joy and peace living in the joy of chastity,” clarified the cardinal. “If we are not very, very careful, we will inadvertently promote a lifestyle for our children which will reduce their life expectancy, increase their chances of HIV infection and expose them to predatory and abusive relationships.”   

In related news the Catholic and Mormon churches have joined forces in California to promote Proposition 22 which would ban homosexual marriage and the state’s recognition of such unions performed out of state. 

With files from the Telegraph.