SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, April 13, 2011 ( – A Catholic cardinal archbishop is calling on Ricky Martin to stop promoting the homosexual lifestyle as the singer performs his “Music Soul Sex” (Musica Alma Sexo or “MAS”) tour in various cities in the USA and Latin America.


During an interview with the Spanish publication Primera Hora, Cardinal Luis Aponte Martinez, the Archbishop of San Juan, Puerto Rico, asked Martin to promote values that are shared by all, and noted that “fomenting homosexuality or sexual promiscuity among our young people is certainly immoral, regardless of where it comes from.”

Martin, who took on a homosexual identity recently after years of identifying as a heterosexual, has announced that his new musical tour will include “sex games,” which he said “is part of my new way of life.”

“I personally admire Ricky for the great artistic gifts which the Lord has given him, but I ask that, for the love of his children, for whom I imagine he wishes the best, to try to give an example to our young people of the great values that all share, apart from sex,” the prelate said, and also clarified that the Catholic Church “does not reject the homosexual but rather the actions and conduct that are against morality”.

The singer rejected the cardinal’s admonishments in a subsequent interview. “We’re going to do a show without fear.  Yes, we will pass through our sensual and sexual moment, but with class, because many people like to have a good time,” he told EFE.

“I’m not a gold coin that falls well on the whole world,” he said. “I am focused on love and also on the affection that I receive night after night in these shows.”