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Cardinal Raymond BurkeMatthew Pearson / Seminarian | Madison, WI

May 2, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Cardinal Raymond Burke said he hopes a new worldwide call of priests for bishops to issue a “reaffirmation of the Gospel” will “inspire their bishops to dispel the confusion of the present time in the Church and thus to begin to heal the division regarding the Catholic faith and its practice.”

The priests’ request that bishops correct pervasive “errors” about the Christian moral life “expresses what I hear repeatedly from good and faithful priests laboring in various parts of the world,” Burke told the National Catholic Register’s Ed Pentin.

The “reintroduction of an erroneous moral teaching, which the Church has, at various times in the past, corrected and disciplined, is causing a most grave confusion and division in the Church to the great harm of souls and to the hindrance of the Church’s mission to be a ‘light to the nations,’” the cardinal, one of the signers of the dubia to Pope Francis, said.

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The “only remedy” for this crisis is the “reaffirmation of the Apostolic faith by the Successors to the Apostles,” he told Pentin. He praised the “wise” and “courageous” actions of the priests behind the pastoral appeal and said the clerics signed it “out of love for the Church and, in particular, for the portion of the flock of Christ in their priestly care.”

The request for a reaffirmation of the Gospel issued today lists ten “crucial” issues the priests hope their bishops will address. They are related to sin, Communion, conscience, marriage, and sexual ethics, issues about which there has been much confusion within the Church in the wake of Amoris Laetitia.