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(LifeSiteNews) — Fr. Charles Murr, Elizabeth Yore, and Jack Maxey once again join John-Henry Westen for another episode of Faith & Reason. This week, the panel discusses the sacrilegious transgender funeral at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s disappointing response, and the recent “historic” meeting between leading Catholic prelates and Italian Freemasons.

Yore describes the scandalous funeral of “Cecilia” Gentili, a transgender atheist and LGBT activist, as the “insult of insults to the Catholic Church, challenging our faith, the dignity (and) the tenets of our faith, the respect that our saints and Our Blessed Mother deserve.”

“It was all mocked at this free-for-all at St. Patrick’s,” she says. She adds later in the episode that Pope Francis, Fr. James Martin, SJ and Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernández shoulder some blame for the funeral, saying that it was “the logical result of Fiducia Supplicans.”

Included in this episode is testimony from Wendy Long, who approached Cardinal Dolan on Saturday, February 17 after his vigil Mass at Blessed Sacrament Parish in New Rochelle, New York. She asked the archbishop of New York when there would be a Mass of Reparation at the cathedral to make reparation for the sacrilegious funeral.

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Whispering in Long’s ear, Dolan said he thought the Mass of Reparation “already happened” quietly so as to avoid disruption by protesters. He also called the presiding priest, Fr. Edward Dougherty, a “hero” because he “stopped the (funeral) Mass.” But clips from the service show Dougherty praising the attendees, saying they were the biggest crowd at the cathedral since Easter.

“That says a lot more about Fr. Dougherty than it says about anything else,” Maxey comments. “He has the pulpit in the greatest Catholic church in America and he can’t fill the pews? What’s the problem?”

Fr. Murr recounts an experience of his own where there was not one practicing Catholic at a funeral he was presiding over; in that particular case, he did not go on with the Mass and did a funeral service instead. But he points out that St. Patrick’s Cathedral should have known better than to hold a funeral service for Gentili, let alone originally plan a funeral Mass.

“In this case, you’re dealing with somebody who was publicly an atheist, publicly and proudly a prostitute, and the whole thing is absurd. It’s absurd,” he says. “Why do you think the cardinal would be afraid to have a Mass of Reparation, if not an exorcism? Why would that be a fear of his that it’d be known?”

Rosary rallies will be held outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral in reparation for the funeral on Saturday, February 24 and Monday, February 26. Click here for further details.

For more on this and on the meeting of Church leaders and Freemasons, tune in to this week’s episode of Faith & Reason.

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