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Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New YorkTom Hannigan/Wikimedia Commons

NEW YORK (LifeSiteNews) — Cardinal Timothy Dolan said that NFL star and devout Catholic Harrison Butker sent him a note to let him know “how upset he was” over the sacrilegious funeral of an atheist transgender activist at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

In a recent episode of the podcast Conversation with Cardinal Dolan, Father Dave Dwyer mentioned that Butker showed up to the Super Bowl victory parade of the Kansas City Chiefs with ashes on his forehead, as the event happened on Ash Wednesday.

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Dolan replied, “If I’m not mistaken, he (Butker) sent me a note of solidarity just to let me know how upset he was over the incident in the cathedral on Thursday when we had the controversy.”

The cardinal was referring to the scandalous and sacrilegious funeral for the atheist LGBT activist “Cecilia Gentili” at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which has sparked outrage among faithful Catholics.

During the funeral, a participant “eulogized” Gentili as “this wh–re. This great wh–re. St. Cecilia,” in an apparent blasphemous reference to the true St. Cecilia.

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During the same podcast episode, Dolan praised the priests who celebrated the funeral at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, saying they acted “extraordinarily well.” He also referred to the deceased gender-confused man as “a woman.”

Butker is the kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs, who recently won their third Super Bowl championship in five years. He is known for being an outspoken, pro-life Catholic. In 2022, he said he would rather quit being a professional football player than be coerced into taking the COVID shot. Butker, who attends the Traditional Latin Mass, also called on Pope Francis to stop the persecution of traditional Catholics. When he kicked the Super Bowl-winning field goal last year, he was wearing a Brown Scapular and gave “all glory to God” in the postgame interview.

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LifeSiteNews has started a petition asking Dolan to exorcise St. Patrick’s Cathedral after the blasphemous funeral service that has more than 12,000 signatures to date.