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(LifeSiteNews) – In an interview for German Catholic website with LifeSiteNews journalist Maike Hickson, Cardinal Gerhard Müller expounded on his three-week long trip to the U.S. and Mexico and other pressing matters in the Church and society.

On the topic of his recent interview on EWTN, Hickson asked Müller to expand on his criticism of the Synod on Synodality, including his criticism of remarks by some leaders of the process which seem to subvert Catholic teaching on sexuality.

He echoed remarks he gave to LifeSiteNews in another interview and stated: “When the Son of God, Jesus Christ, the Word who became flesh and brought to us all grace and truth, declares against the pragmatism of the Pharisees that God created man male and female and that therefore marriage was made in God and is essentially indissoluble, how can a bishop know better than the divine teacher?”

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In light of the fact that many bishops are supporting the heretical direction of the Synod on Synodality, Hickson asked: “Will faithful Catholics no longer be able to go to every Mass and every bishop, but have to look for those clergy who will still teach them the true faith and will not lead them to compromise with the world?”

The Cardinal replied that “one does not have to obey an obviously heretical bishop just for reasons of formal fidelity.”

Blind obedience such as this, he continued, “would be cadaveric obedience, which not only contradicts reason but also faith.”

The Cardinal went on to say that objections are justified when related “strictly to the revealed truth,” but that “termination of visible communion with the competent bishop” cannot be based on “differences of opinion … worldly or personal questions.”

He continued: “If Rome fails to correct bishops for anti-faith teaching and anti-Church behavior, there are plenty of other high dignitaries [in the Church] who will not bow their knees to the Baal of public opinion (the media cartels) or political power (the pagan Roman emperors, the atheistic dictators of yesterday and today).”

He went on to blast the usage of the rainbow as a symbol for the LGBT movement, saying:

In the Old Testament, the rainbow is a sign in the sky that God commemorates the everlasting covenant between Him and all living beings on earth (Gen 9:12-16) and especially with the people He created in His image. And those [people] as man and wife are fruitful, and in the succession of generations inhabit the earth as their home (Gen 9:6). With the “rainbow flag,” the LGBT ideologues demonstrate their opposition to God’s benevolent and wise creative will and celebrate their godlessness with a dance of death on the volcano.”

Cardinal Müller’s first stop during his trip was in Mexico, where he spoke at a family convention, where he gave a lecture on the subject of transhumanism. Hickson asked what his central message was in that lecture.

He stated that Transumanists, who include “high-tech operators” like Elon Musk, conflate “our consciousness” with “pure computing power without personal memory.”

Müller added that this is done in an attempt to be “immortal” so that we can “continue to exist as a kind of bio-techno-hybrid with unlimited duration.”

“Transhumanism turns into posthumanism. The biological human species would then be a superseded evolutionary precursor to a purely technological world of artificial intelligence of reproducing avatars in cyberspace. It will be a world without feelings, without ethics, without a perfection of man in the love of God, without an immortality of the person and a resurrection of the body[.]”

Transhumanism or posthumanism is “just the technological variant of atheism,” he added.