DETROIT, Sept 8 ( – Last Saturday, a press release from the Archdiocese of Detroit under Cardinal Adam Maida, commented on the planned attendance of Al Gore at a Mass in the Detroit area Sunday.  Gore, who was coming on the invitation of various interfaith groups, was told by the Archdiocese that “planned attendance at a local Catholic service does not necessarily imply support or silence from the Archdiocese of Detroit regarding (his) public record on moral issues.”

The press release stressed that “Vice-President Gore’s stated views on abortion and so-called ‘choice’ issues are directly and categorically in conflict with Catholic moral teaching. It can only be hoped that his attendance at a Catholic Mass would begin the process of prompting a change of heart and public position on the sanctity of human life.”

So as not to have a repeat of the incident in Africa in which non-Catholic President Clinton,  with the complicity of the moderating priest, ignored Catholic teaching by going forward to receive Communion, the press release cautioned: “it is expected that the host parish and those non-Catholics in attendance will respect the Church’s directives on receiving communion.”

For the press release see:
Regarding the Planned Attendance at Catholic Mass By Vice-President Gore & Others