Carleton Students’ Association May Face Lawsuit Over Ban on Pro-Life Groups

By Gudrun Schultz

  OTTAWA, Canada, December 7, 2006 ( - The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is considering legal action against the Carleton University Students’ Association after CUSA voted to deny funding and services to any campus group opposed to abortion.

  The EFC said CUSA’s ban would be a violation of pro-life students’ right to freedom of expression, freedom of conscience and peaceful assembly, as protected under the Constitution, the Ottawa Citizen reported yesterday.

“Even though the policy says it’s endorsing those rights, it’s violating those rights for the pro-life groups that might operate on campus,” Don Hutchinson, legal counsel for the EFC, told the Citizen.

  Mr. Hutchinson said the organisation is considering applying for a court injunction to prevent the new CUSA policy from taking effect.

  As well, the EFC has offered legal representation to the University’s pro-life group Carleton Lifeline, if the group decides to take the case to court.

  Lifeline president Sarah Fletcher said the group is considering legal options, including appealing to the Ontario Human Rights Board.

  The student association voted 25-5, with two absent members, in favor of a motion stating that “actions such as campaigns, distributions, solicitations, lobbying efforst, displays, events, et. That seek to limit or remove a woman’s options in the event of pregnancy will not be supported” by the students association.

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