TORONTO, Mar 3 (  Canadian media uncritically picked up on a hysterical report by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario that claimed that a cartoon pamphlet sent out by a U.S. pro-life group to doctors and medical students in North America is “a threat.” The Texas pro-life group Life Dynamics purchased a list of doctors and medical students and sent out a cartoon pamphlet discouraging them from being enticed by head-hunters in the abortion industry.

Jim Maclean, director of public affairs with the College, said that the wording on the cover of the pamphlet—“If you’re a doctor, resident or med student, someone’s out to get you”  was “basically a threat.” Presumably Maclean means to suggest that pro-lifers are threatening to harm abortionists. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Dzintra Tuttle, a spokesman for Life Dynamics, told LifeSite that the cover wording refers to page 16 of the pamphlet where it states that “today abortion advocates are engaged in an aggressive campaign to lure physicians into the abortion industry.” The extreme reaction on the part of the College is evidence of the “paranoia of the abortion industry,” said Tuttle.

Recently abortionist Garson Romalis proved both the assertion of Life Dynamics that an abortionist recruitment campaign is underway, and that abortion is a “bottom feeder aspect” of the medical profession. Romalis, a hero of the pro-abortion movement since being shot in the leg in 1994, spoke to University of British Columbia medical students in an attempt to recruit more abortionists last January.

Romalis told his listeners that, “Abortion has always been viewed as a kind of a subterranean thing. [Children] don’t walk around saying, ‘My father is an abortionist.’” In addition, he said,  “it’s boring, it’s repetitious, it’s not particularly technically or intellectually demanding and it’s not very well paid.”

Source: The Canadian Press